Phyllis Diller ~ white mica

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A white mica with uber shimmer that reminded us straight away of Phyllis Diller.  A woman of bravery, beauty, madness, spunk and a fantastic zest for life.  She would have fit in perfectly here at the Mad House.


Ingredients: Mica (77019) (CAS 12001-26-2), Titanium Dioxide (77891)(CAS 13463-67-7), Tin Oxide (778161).

Particle Size:  10-60μm

Cosmetic Grade.  FDA Approved for: Eyes, Lips and Face.

MSDS for Phyllis Diller mica


Soap Notes:

    Usage rates in Cold Process soap: 1 tsp. per pound of oils. 

      Usage rates in Melt & Pour soap: 1/4 tsp per pound of M&P base.

        This is a great replacement for a whitener (titanium dioxide) because it is much easier to use!



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