Sour Lemons is July's Color Lab color and it's out now!

Colors of the Week: 25% off Flirt & Aphrodite

  • Color Lab Sour Lemons in Everything

    Pucker up (until July 31)!

    Introducing Sour Lemons: our July Color Lab color. A fabulous, bold, bright yellow that performs beautifully in all media we've tested.

    Visit the lab. 
  • Powerful pink.

    Flirt is a deep, rich pink with a purple-red effervescence that shines through, creating a fabulous multi-layer effect.

    Start flirting. 
  • Spectacular shimmer.

    Aphrodite is a pale cornflower blue that has a beautiful and prominent shimmer. It's gorgeous in all media (and soap) we've tested it in.

    Find your next love.