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It is our goal to provide you with the highest quality products you will find, then back it up with unsurpassed customer service so you can feel secure.  When we say our products are "crazy good",  we mean it.  It is our vision that Mad Micas will provide you with the ingredients and inspiration to create your kind of magic!


 Joanna Schmidt


Joanna has been creating bath and body products for over 14 years. Her blog, The Soap Bar was what first inspired her to make soap.  She fell in love with handmade soap and the rest is history. She will only use the high quality ingredients in her products and takes this highly selective quality and uses that to source Mad Micas materials.  The result is being able to share the most beautiful colors she can find (and that WORK!) with you.


Karyn Baumgartner


Karyn is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, and spent nine years as a psychotherapist in private practice.  Ready for a change, and a longtime admirer of Joanna's work,  she was inspired by Joanna's creativity and vision and jumped at the chance to begin a new career under Jo's tutelage. Her interpersonal skills and creativity ensures that Mad Micas will always be above par in customer relations. 


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