Frequently Asked Questions

  •  Are micas natural?
Mica used in cosmetics and soap, begin with naturally mined mica and ground to a fine powder.  This mica powder is greyish white in color which is then coated with pigments (iron oxides, ultramarines or dyes).  Therefore, colored micas are comprised of pigments on a mica substrate (underlying substance).  Pigments, however, are not natural.  They are lab created because naturally mined pigments contained unhealthy levels of lead, arsenic, and mercury which are deadly.  Pigments are lab created to keep us all safe. That being said, there are no colored micas that are 100% natural.  If they contain a pigment (ultramarine, iron oxide or dye), they are not natural.
  • Color additives are regulated by the FDA, why?

This assures that color additives are safe for use. To read about FDA regulations regarding color additives in bath bombs and cosmetics, read Joanna's blog post here.  

  • What is your Turnaround Time (TAT) ?

Our TAT is 1-4 business days from the time we begin processing your order until it's shipped out.  In the event we are experiencing an increased volume of orders, our TAT may increase a few days. 

  • Can I only use the mica colors for soaps, or can I also use them in other bath and body products?

     All of our micas can be used in soap.  There are a handful of micas that don't perform well, but if you stick to the Soap Stable Mica section, your choices are all stable for CP soap.  The Neon pigments are only soap safe and should not be used on leave-on products.   We do not recommend using micas in shampoos as they will separate.  Each product page states what the safety applications are and should be reviewed before purchasing.  We also have a Material Data Safety Sheet that you should review before purchase.


    • Why does shipping seem high?

    The best thing to do is place your order with us and choose your shipping method to see how much it will cost. That being said, the shipping calculator on our current website occasionally tabulates charges incorrectly for International shipments. We would like to assure our online wholesale customers that we will manually adjust your shipping charges if you have been overcharged. I hope that helps!! 


    • Can I use your mica in BATH BOMBS?

    YES!!   In order to get the same wonderful colors you use in your other bath and body products, you most certainly can use them in your bath bomb recipe… However, adding polysorbate 80 at about 1-2% in your liquid stage will eliminate any ring around the tub or floating mica that can occur if you don't incorporate it in your recipe. 


    • Are all your micas VEGAN? Do you or any of the manufacturers you work with test on animals?

    Our micas contain no animal products and have not been tested on animals, either by us or by our suppliers. Please read our Animal Cruelty Statement here.


    • How much comes in a mica sample?

    We fill our mica samples by volume (all other sized micas are filled by weight) and we fill a 20 mL jar.  See photo.  Because micas weigh out differently from each other (some are light and fluffy, some heavier), and because we fill by volume in sample jars, the range of actual mica weights vary anywhere from 7 grams-13 grams.  

    Mermaid & Deep Purple are our heaviest.

    Black Oyster & Silverfin Blue are our lightest.



    • I don’t see the size I need on your website. Will you get me pricing for larger quantities?

      Yes! You can contact Joanna Schmidt by email:  We regularly sell 10 lbs. of mica to customers, but pricing can be obtained through emailing her directly if you need more than the 5 lb. size offered. 

      • How do I mix mica to color my soap or scrub?

      Use a cup to mix your mica powder and oil. Measure your mica powder into the cup along with the same ratio (or a tiny bit more) of a carrier oil you already use in your recipe. In short:

      Mix 1 part mica powder to 1- 1½ parts oil. Mix thoroughly with a small spatula, craft stick or mini mixer until all clumps are blended. It helps to push the lumps to the sides of your container to release the pockets of trapped dry powder. Once blended entirely, add the mixed colorant to the oil or once you’ve reached trace (in cold process soap).

      If you use melt and pour soap base, mix mica either with 90% isopropyl alcohol or vegetable glycerin before mixing into the soap base.  Many people add the mica directly into the soap base, but we recommend pre-mixing first to ensure it is fully clump-free.


      • Do you have a “true red mica”?

      We are having our manufacturer create one exclusively for us. We do not have a definitive date for release, however 


      • You discontinued an item that I’ve purchased from you before. Can I special order it from you?

      We may be able to make a special order or we may offer you an alternative solution! Please email us at 

      • What happens if an item I just ordered is Out of Stock (OOS) ?

      If an item is out of stock, and it's on your paid order, we will reach out to you immediately, create a back-order statement for the item, ship the remaining items in your order. Back orders will be shipped immediately after we receive it and we’ll ship it at no cost to you. If you wish to receive a credit instead of the back-ordered item, please let us know as soon as possible and we will credit your Account. 

      • Why should I create an account?

      Creating an account of your own is cool. Why? It gets you the inside scoop on all things Mad Oils, including getting the scoop on savings and new items.  Be the first to know!

      • Why do you need my email and phone number? 

      We strongly believe in a person’s right to privacy. We enjoy our personal freedoms, and you deserve to trust your suppliers, so we promise that we will never share, release or sell your personal information to ANYONE and we have security measures in place to insure against any unauthorized use of your information. We also will not bombard you with annoying emails but, we may need to get in touch with you regarding your order and emailing or phoning you are the only ways to contact you. 

      • Where are you located?

      Our warehouse and offices are located in Riviera Beach, Florida. Our address is listed on our contact page.

      •  Can we come visit?

      Sadly, we can’t allow visitors inside our warehouse, but we do offer Curbside Pickup (and your shipping will be refunded if you pick up your order!). Call and set up a time to pick up your order at least 24 hours after you speak to a Mad Oils Customer Service Agent.