Mica, Pigment, & Glitter SDSs

Important note: Data sheets for each mica, pigment, and mica-based glitter (the Sparkle Me series, Sparkle Plenty and Sparkle Sunshine) that we currently carry can be found on their individual pages.

FDA dye and lake certifications can be found here.

Documentation for discontinued micas, as well as current pigments, glitters additives and more can be found below. If there's an SDS you need that you do not see here, please do not hesitate to contact us and we will forward it to you immediately.


Titanium Dioxide (water dispersible) SDS
Black Iron Oxide SDS
Blue Ultramarine SDS
Green Chrome Oxide On product page
Red Iron Oxide SDS
Yellow Iron Oxide SDS

Glow In The Dark Pigments

Glow Blue SDS
Glow Green SDS


Emerald City SDS
Fairytale Princess SDS
Grace Jones Electric SDS
Joan Jett Black On product page
Lemony Felony SDS
Nancy Sinatra's Gold Boots SDS
Nina Simone Sparkles SDS
Pineapple Assault SDS
Purple Rain SDS
Ruby Slippers On Product page


Additives SDS
Activated Hardwood Charcoal TDS
Polysorbate 80 SDS
Rose Clay SDS
White Kaolin Clay SDS

Discontinued Products

Amy Winehouse Blues SDS
Bazooka Jo SDS
Bio Glitter Gold SDS
Bio Glitter Silver SDS
Blue Bling SDS
Blue Velvet SDS
Celery SDS
Deep Purple SDS
Disco Pink SDS
Dragonfly Blue SDS
Galactic Moss SDS
Galaxy SDS
Hot Man On A Tin Roof SDS
Loco Pink Cocoa SDS
Mermaid SDS
Olive You SDS
Orange Crush SDS
Panties in a Twist SDS
Pink Chiffon SDS
Pink Frosted Copper SDS
Purple Haze SDS
Sericite w/Lauroyl-Lysine SDS
Silverfin SDS
Sparkle Me White SDS
Vanna White SDS
Velvet Brown SDS
You're Turning Violet, Violet! SDS