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Mad Micas Reviews

Thank you all for the love. We work hard to select the very best premium micas and colorants for our customers to use in soaps, bath and body products, makeup, resin, artwork and other makers' projects. The feedback you provide is invaluable and lets us know just how we're doing.
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Love this stuff

Not a fan of plastic glitters but I do love this mica based glitter!

Awesome collection !

So far I’ve used the tickled pink to pipe some flowers and I looooove this neon !
Brazen hussy to mix with the pot of yellow and it makes the perfect center for soap flowers . My first time working with micas and I’am so happy I stumbled on this company ! Will be purchasing more products real soon!
Customer service on point !


This was an amazing selection of micas. I was so very excited to see what was included in my mystery box. I was pleasantly surprised to see colors that I had wanted to try out. My box included one color each from the rainbow along with a gold, brown and white. I've used quite a few in both bath truffles and melt & pour soaps. A great value & a great variety of micas for a beginner or for someone who just can't decide what micas to order.

Oh so shiny!!!

So nice and shiny!! This mica performed better than I hoped! I get lots of compliments on my soap. I’m not even finished with the container I initially bought and I’ve already bought two more. I can hardly wait to make more soap!

Elevating the Bath Bomb Experience

My business is natural bath and bodycare with an emphasis on natural. These glitters are safe for soaking your most tender parts while adding the bling our customers crave. Thank you, Mad Micas, for providing ingredients I can trust!

Favorite Glitter!

Hands down my favorite glitter so far! It catches the light in a way most other glitters do not. I used it on the top of a cold process soap and it was so pretty!

Lovely strong pink

I love this color. It’s a strong pink that sticks well in cold process soap. Doesn’t morph or bleed. Flirt is the perfect name. If you want a gorgeous pop of pink, this is the one for you.

Think pink Collection

This whole collection is great. The colors are so well put together
that I think you could use them as they are or mix them side by side and you can't go wrong.the pinks are pink and the purples are purple. They are just great.

Great pink!

This pink shows so nicely in CP. It is vivid but not shocking. Love it.

Great color!

Snake island is a beautiful green with blue tint. I used it in CP and the color was beautiful.

Bright and beautiful!

This neon mica is everything you've ever wanted in a bright green!

Colors are beautiful

I haven't used it yet, but everything i bought looks just like the pictures. I customize cups, so that's what I'll be using the micas for. When i use them, I'll give another review.

Love it

Really nice color

Red micas

Perfect red color, new to soap making and was informed red is hard to achieve. If it is anything like baking, then yes, red would be hard to achieve but this was perfect. First time working with red.


Beautiful red!


I love this color! It's a beautiful dark green.

Awesome quality!

I love the quality of this TD. It mixes well, it's more affordable than other brands, and overall just my fave source of TD for soap making. :)

The Best Black Oxide

Of all the black oxides I have used, this is definitely the best one! It's been the darkest and a little goes a long way.


As always, these Micas are wonderful! I purchased them for a school soap making project and these look beautiful in both melt and pour and in cold process soap!


Absolutely in love with how this color performs. Never have I used colors this awesome.

Just the Best, Most Fun Thing!

It felt like I had bought myself a present when I received my Mystery Mica takeout box! It was so fun to open it up and discover a surprise rainbow of colors to help unleash my creativity.

Also, this was my first order with Mad Micas and I was delighted to open the box and find a personalised greeting inside, along with a little joke and a candy- it will definitely be the first of many orders to come!

Best Neon Micas out there

I started out using Mad Oils Micas and for some reason I decided to go with another supplier. That was a huge mistake!!!! My Unicorn Farts Soaps just didn't have the Vibrant Neon color they originally had with Mad Micas Neons! I am now back to only use Mad Mica in my Soaps!

The best!!

I make handmade watercolor paints and these pigments are literally to die for!! Peacock has been my favorite to work with!

Perfect green!!

Snake Island is the perfect green. A deep, rich color with just a bit of a blue undertone.

Vibrant Orange!

Looks like sherbet in my citrus CP soaps (in fact, all of my micas from Mad Micas were AMAZING - used Bright Yellow Raincoat & Maniacal Pea as well in this recipe)!! Repeat customer in the bag!