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Mad Micas Reviews

Thank you all for the love. We work hard to select the very best premium micas and colorants for our customers to use in soaps, bath and body products, makeup, resin, artwork and other makers' projects. The feedback you provide is invaluable and lets us know just how we're doing.
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Loved it!

I was searching for a blue that would stay true and I found it! Looks perfect with my other mad mica colors, this time I used it on a desing along with the tickled pink and they look lovely together. Thank u mad micas you are always my #1 and only provider =)

My Pants are on fire!!

This is such a great pink! I used it with Lettuce Entertain you! The pink and green combo is amazing!! Thank you again!!


This is the most amazing blue I've ever used in CP soap. One of my newest favorites! Thank you, Mad Micas!

Pow Pow is Wow Wow!

Finally got to use my Pow Pow mica in my cold process goat milk soap. It blended nicely and did not morph. I love the pearlescent color of it and a little goes a long way. Will order again!

Incredible surprise!

I actually received this insanely gorgeous color as a total surprise! A gift from an incredibly selfless and AMAZING friend who knew I'd been drooling over this mica for awhile! I just have to say that all that drooling was WORTH IT LOL! Such a breathtaking shade of fushia-like pink with vibrant purple undertones! Of course I had to use it immediately! This color is absolutely stunning in CP, and is so incredibly pigmented too! It doesn't take much to achieve bold, beautiful results with this mica, and I thank my sweet friend and Mad Micas for making this truly radiant gift a part of my mica collection! It's a total MUST HAVE color!!

Beautiful Red

A small amount goes a long way, ensuring gel phase really makes this one stand out

Beautiful black mica

This is my go-to black mica, on its own or to give a darker shade to other colors in my cold process soaps. I love Mad Micas!

Mica take-out box

Rhe colors are so beautiful. I am in love with the brightness of the colors and the fact that they don't fade. Ihave already placed another order of Mica.

Dry Glitter Pump Bottles

Oh my! These are a game changer!
You can purchase these pre-filled with glitter or purchase empty ones to put your favorite glitter in.
These are great when you just want to add a little sparkle without having to shake or pour!

Unicorn Toots Mica

This is a great price for the different colors you get!
Customer service is exceptional and fast shipping.
I will be back to order more!


This is a truly beautiful teal color. I am exited to use this in many different projects not just CP soap.

Beautiful, bold colors!

I love how these colors behave in CP soap! I used them in an ITPS design along with some titanium dioxide (for a total of eight different soap colors in one batch). Next time, I'll use a different method to get thicker bands/swirls of color, but this turned out nicely anyway.

Beautiful colors!

I've only had a chance to work with two of the products in this set, the "Tall Dark & Handsome" mica and the "Grace Jones Electric" glitter. The TD&H mica behaved beautifully in the CP soap I used it in, but when I used the GJE glitter on top of a different CP soap, the soap discolored to an orange wherever the glitter touched it.

Love this color!

It just never disappoints.

Love MM's!

So many beautiful colors to choose from to use. Where did I begin, Voodoo & Flirt! Not the turn out I expected, much better than expected. All Mad Micas used in the picture attached. I will only use Mad Micas.


What an awesome and vibrant color!! I had no discoloration and this made the other colors POP as well. Will be using more of Cheesy Poof for sure

Blue tide!

This is a perfect vibrant oceany color. Stays true in CP, HP and melt and pour. One of my best selling soaps is a blue tide colored sea mist fragrance!

Makes you feel regal.

Much better than any gold I've used in the past.

This stuff puts glitter to shame.

Heaven on earth.

Magic beans

Gorgeous multi colors in the light in CP soap. This has got to be one of my favorites! As always, mixes great in oil and no clumping.

Snake island green

Gorgeous deep green. I love how true it stayed in Co soap! Thanks for making great Micas!!

Red iron oxide

Beautiful deep red color in CP soap. Mad Micas is my always go to for great products!

Epic Success!

This brown is a goldmine find. Reacts perfectly in my CP recipes, which include milks. I will definitely be purchasing again.

Generous Samples!

What a great set to try all the whites and darks! The samples are all generously portioned and the variety is fantastic. Really had fun working with these colors!

Works great, vibrant color

Love soaping with this color! It’s such a pretty pink and stayed true to color. Will order again and make chapstick with it too.