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The perfect peach

The perfect peachy color, especially in CP soap. I definitely need this one to become permanent!


I love this one in cold process soap! I didn’t think the sparkles would show up, but they do without being overpowering. Currently my favorite blue!

I love all of the colors that I have received. Two thumbs up.

Really pretty!

I'm not usually one for yellows, but I used this in my cherry lemonade soap (and I used true red for my red) and it looks so nice!!

Always the best colours! Nothing touches the mad micas colours. They are the best!

True Red Blend
Natalia Connolly
True Red Blend

I used True Red Blend in multiple CP batches. Soaps beautifully every time.

Beautiful color in CP soap

I love Velvet Plum color. I hope it will come back. Such a beautiful color for my Fall soap collection.

Perfect color!

Needed a specific color for the soap I was making. Turned out the perfect shade.. If you are looking for the perfect color of tropical waters, this is it.

I love all your mica powder I am slowly getting the all. 😁

Titanium Dioxide
Diana Roshon
Baked apple pie

I am new to making melt and pour soap. I wanted to make a baked apple pie bar but couldn't figure out how to get the right color.
Your white titanium dioxide in clear soap and sexy stranger on a train was perfect!!

purchased your White Titanium Dioxide just to experiment.

Best Purple Ever!!

Just love this color. It's the perfect purple. I have used it in several recipes and have delighted with the results. Mad Micas never disappoint!

Blue Tide Blue Mica
Richard Santiago
Great color

I used this color to do a dominos set color was amazing and went well with my imagination

Sweet yellow

It is a cheerful and bright yellow. I love to use it on my CP Soap I use it for a nice sunset along with Brazen Hussy.

Perfect Green

I use it to make my rainbow soap ! It’s a lovely green and blends well with the other colors in CP soap.

It sparkles !

I use it to add some magic to the top of my CP soap. I enjoy using it. It’s subtle yet shiny.

Perfect for Soap Making

I have used it in both Melt and Pour and CP soap and I absolutely love this color. I’m glad I have bought a big jar of it and I really hope they will restock it in the near future.

Absolutely love Mad Micas products!

Velvet Plum is stunning in resin!

I used Velvet Plum to make a little epoxy resin heart-shaped jar and lid and it turned out beautifully! Such a gorgeous deep color! Well done MM!


This is one of my absolute favorite colors to use for CP soap! It is just a beautiful shade of lavender, and as lavender is one of my favorite scents to use - it gets used a lot! They just go together

All American Red or Christmas Red.

This red is perfect but be sure to follow the directions on amount to use. In CP soap it deepens as it cures.

I Dream Of Purple Mica
Debi Kenny owner at Love Lather Light
Perfect purple

I love this purple. It matches the purple of my business colors and will definitely be using this color a lot in my line of candles and Bath&Body products.


Bright, stays true in CP soap, love all the fluorescent colors!

Perfect Pinky

Perfect pinky color. Never too redish.

Best bright yellow

I love this yellow. It’s very bright without being overly greenish.

Love me some blue.

I really love this color.