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Thank you all for the love. We work hard to select the very best premium micas and colorants for our customers to use in soaps, bath and body products, makeup, resin, artwork and other makers' projects. The feedback you provide is invaluable and lets us know just how we're doing.

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Love them all! Works fabulous in cold process soap and whipped scrubs. Thank you for amazing products!

I used in my slime soap

I love that neon look 🥰

I used for my men’s soap🥰 all colors in this soaps are from the best Mad Micas.

I love it

I used for my lavender soap and is perfect.

Perfect red for Christmas projects

Love this red!! It’s not a true red or a barn red but an antique type red. It makes it feel well loved and established, not crisp and young but maybe reminiscent of Christmas past?? I loved working with this color. Will def be using this for my Christmas soaps this year 🙌🏻

Gorgeous antiquey green!

Perfect green for what I was looking for! Reminds me of an antique type hue. Used for a practice Christmas soap. Spot on.

Beautiful color!!! I love it! ❤️😍❤️


I used this along with Voodoo and Brazen Hussy for my tie dye soap. Came out perfectly!

Iridescent delight!!!

This glitter is amazing! Truly looks like something from a mermaids tale. Iridescent scales! Also adds a delightful hint of the other realm to products bringing a smile of delight to ones face!! My new favorite enhancement.

In the sky with diamonds

Love this glitter, bright, shiny sparkle that does not get lost in the colors of the products. Gives that extra snap to things to take them one step beyond!!!! A winner!!

Great Mica

Love the colors but would like to recieve in a jar and not an envelope. Would like to try the brights!

Amazing Purple!

Let me tell you, if you want a fun vibrant but not neon purple then this is it!

The Full Monty

Absolutely loved it! Now I can create unique soap designs seeing all the available options!

Gorgeous Color

I love the beautiful hue this mica created in my melt and pour and also in my body butter. Just gorgeous ❤️

Best gold mica

Hands down the best gold mica out there! Simply a must try!

Very Pretty Mica

The sparkle me plenty is just gorgeous. I love dusting the tops of my bars with it.

Truly magic!

This mica turns almost a light burgandy/brown in CP soap...its very pretty. And if you make an oil drizzle for the top of your bars it keeps that magical color shifting shine!

Perfect mango

I'm always looking for the perfect tropical flamingo/mango color that isn't too orange and isn't too pink.. the perfect combo of both. And this one is it. It's great in soap, but I also just like to open the jar and stare at it.


I have always heard such good things about the micas I general but this collection is just amazing!! Super fun colors!

Great accent gold for soap

I love mixing this one in my other triple color soaps. Gold goes great with everything! Please don't ever stop making this mica.

Really beautiful i love it

Vibrant red for soap

This is one of my favorites! It's a perfect vibrant red for mixing in with my soaps. They ship fast and always send a funny card with a joke and a swedish fish candy! Love mad micas!


I used this on top of a CP soap made for Mother's Day, just to give it that extra bit of shine. I really love the bigger flakes. They reflect lots of colours. The shape of the glitter also adds interest. I liked that the glitter stuck to the soap without having to press it down. This is definitely a product I would buy again.

First time user - Lifetime customer now!!!

My first order with Mad Micas and I went with the 2 Royalty Collections because Katie Carson is so awesome at teaching me (and you) at making soaps. I only used a couple of the Neon colors so far but was really impressed with the boldness of the colors and I didn't have to use all of what was in the packet! Super great results and will have to get more,,, many many more!!