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Envy Green Mica
Annette Wiggins-Bey

This makes me think of my mother. I am going to create something in her memory. Her birthday is in May. This Envy reminds me of her birth stone...emerald.


Just look at it! I had to buy all the colors of the fairy dusters, my husband is now trying to find me a 12 step program for my addiction ;)

LOVE!! I bought it in the fairy duster!

My first fairy duster purchase and I am impressed by the ease of use and a little goes a long way! Can't wait to order more fairy dusters!

Love this shimmering white!

A great alternative to TD - love it for my lip gloss, cp soap. A definite favourite!

Love this orange in my lip gloss/balms & cp soap!

This colour is so versatile and can be used all year round. Love it!

This dark purple is gorgeous!

Loving this dark purple colour for my lip gloss/balms, cp soap. Impressed by every mica I have ordered, love Mad Micas!

Love this dark red colour!

My first order with Mad Micas (for my lip gloss/balm, cp soap, candles) and I am so impressed by the amazing colours and speed of delivery and a free sample!

Love it

I love this mystery box. The colors were so nice and vibrante and made my soaps look so pretty. Definitely would buy this box again I love a little mystery in my life.

So beautiful

Such an extraordinary color.

Tennis Ball Break- Ohhhhh, I Get It!

Tennis Ball Breaker isn't just a clever double entendre, it's an amazing neon yellow! It's super pigmented so you don't need a ton of colourant. It works beautifully on its own, or to give your yellows an extra bit of pop.

Ordered was received in a good timing and everything appeared to be great


The rainbow collection makes it so easy to order all colors at once. They work well with soap and I love how colorful they are. I started ordering just the same sample sizes and now I order the larger units. Return customer here!!


Haven't used this yet but the color in awesome in the jar. Can't wait to see it in soap.

Lovely Yellow

I have used this before and just love the color. Perfect yellow

Great color

I wanted a white soap and this was the perfect choice. Mad Micas never disappoints.

Mystery Mica Take-Out Box
I love surprises!

I was so pleasantly surprised over these colors! I only used the one color so far, but I am addicted to these surprise packages!

Star Bits
Love it

These little stars are so cute! I would love to see other designs for biodegradable glitter!

Sparkle Me Aqua
Amy Reilly
Beautiful with the right amount of sparkle

Used this for a sky effect in a beach soap and loved how it turn out. Love all mad micas I’ve used.


The photo was a little extra exposed so it is not as vibrant as the picture shows. But it’s still a great orange that makes the soap look great.


such a nice rich color that stays true in CP soap

Beautiful yellow worth the orange scare!

I love this yellow! It was perfect for this pink lemonade soap, and the temporary orange morph was kind of fun, since I got to see the color change to reveal the beautiful yellow. (Pictured in a swirl with ballet slippers)

Perfect Pink!

This is a beautiful color! Turned out wonderfully in CP, even for a new soap maker like me :) (alongside lemon cupcake here)

Another favorite!

Every fairy duster I buy is so beautiful but this one is the best yet! I’ll let the pic speak for itself. This is a must-have!

Just beautiful!

The perfect purple for my soap! Soaped beautifully, behaved nicely.

Maniacal for this pea!

This green is so vibrant and performs beautifully in cold or hot process soaps! Highly recommend, 10/10, and all the good stars, or in this case green. All the green stars.