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Mad Micas Reviews

Thank you all for the love. We work hard to select the very best premium micas and colorants for our customers to use in soaps, bath and body products, makeup, resin, artwork and other makers' projects. The feedback you provide is invaluable and lets us know just how we're doing.
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I don't know what is different about your micas, but the colors are amazing. I bought the larger jar of Sexy Stranger on a train because I bought a sample bag.... Even though I use goat's milk base your micas don't turn my soap pastel like the other micas I have used. they are not vibrant but not pastel, they are somewhere in-between and gorgeous.. So I am very, very pleased....


I made lip balm with this mica and it came out just the right color I was looking for.

Glow green

I bought this pigment to make kids soap and I love it. It works great.

So Pretty

My glosses are on point


Okay, so it provided just the iridescent color I was going for with my gloss......LOVE IT!


Love, love all the colors I got in my Mystery Mica Take our box. Canโ€™t wait to try all my micas.


Love this mica!! I use it in so many of my products because it adds a nice shimmer and all around magical quality to my pigments. It definitely has a more "cool" tone with silver-ish flecks (vs. a color like Champagne, which has more warm/Gold undertones). I highly recommend!!

I have yet to be disappointed with a single product I've received from this company. Quality is excellent and I take a lot of comfort knowing that everything is ethically sourced.


I freaking love glow in the dark and the fact that I can make glow in the dark soap makes me giggle like a maniac! I love it!


Not sure why they a r e discontinuing this but it feels great in my cold process soap!

Ooh la la

I've had an obsession with glow in the dark things for more then 30 years, and let me tell you putting this pigment into soap dough has made me happy as a clam! So good! I may have bought a whole lot of it and things are gonna get weird!

Macy Gray ๐Ÿ˜

Another hit from Mad Micas!! I wanted another option to use in place of activated charcoal. Macy Gray checked the box for sure. Will order more in the future!! Love you guys to the moon ๐ŸŒ™.

Great micas

The best micas Iโ€™ve used in my soap making , very vibrant and opaque

Definitely neon!

These micas are so bright and fun! They even pop on black and glow a little in black light! Highly recommend!


I recieved a free green mica sample and candy with my first purchase. Thank you! I am now looking to place another order!

The complete fairy duster collection

The complete fairy duster collection arrived in perfect shape. I was so excited when I open the package and saw this ultra fine shimmering magical dust, that will add the perfect finial touch to my soap collection. At a fair price with fast delivery, I would recommend this product to any soap maker that wants to add just a little magic to their soap.


I decided to try this moon imbed soap. How fun this turned out to be. My soap curing room has glowing soap!!

In Love

I love love lovveeee this glitter!! It's so beautiful! I can't wait to try this in the rest of my products!!

So bright!

I made this soap with just the sample packets I used 5 of the neons and now I am going to order the bigger containers! I am so amazed at how colorful these are!

Excellent products

Love the neon collection. Amazing colors. Will be ordering again.


This is a great neon purple! Just make sure you mix it with oils so it doesnt get chunky. I used it for both Halloween and Valentines Day! So versatile

LOVE Mad Micas

Seriously, I am fairly certain there is not a color in their line up that does not live up to it's name! First of the names of the colors - spot on! Love! And second the colors are vibrant and the varying shades are faaaantasitic!

Ultramarine blue pigment

This is the perfect blue for your school colors! Bright and brilliant.

Cute Spoons!

Love to attach these spoons to my body scrubs?

Great Pink!

Love the Bite Me pink!


The white is awesome! I was on the fence on ordering this, but I'm SO happy I did! I made a lovely soap with an ombre of greens, and it came out awesome! The TD was painless to use, and dissolved so easily with a little bit of water.

I adore the product, and am about to order even more from Mad Micas!