Mad Micas Reviews

Thank you all for the love. We work hard to select the very best premium micas and colorants for our customers to use in soaps, bath and body products, makeup, resin, artwork and other makers' projects. The feedback you provide is invaluable and lets us know just how we're doing.

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Sparkle Me Blue
Tiffany Tucker
Love this!!

I bought the fairy duster of this and absolutely love it!! Adds a nice sparkle to the top of my soap!

Titanium Dioxide
Tiffany Tucker
Love this!

I’m still learning but these quality micas are making me look like a pro! Highly recommend

Flirt Pink Mica
Leslie Arthur
Bright and Exuberant Fushia Pink

Excellent color great to make products feel frilly and fancy!

Pow! Pow! Purple Mica
Lori L Reader

Definitely a POWPOW💜💜💜


The best pumpkin shade yet

The best

You never go wrong with MM

Mad Grab Bag
Nice Selection

First, allow me to say the sample selections were amazing. As a first time purchaser, I will definitely place another order soon, I'm a fan!

Mystery Mica Take-Out Box
Amanda Martinez
AMAZING Chance at something surprising!

I loved getting this box set! It was like opening a gift on christmas morning. Generous sizes and amazing colors. I can't wait to buy it again soon!

Mad Grab Bag
Sarah B
Excellent selection

I know it is a random draw but I got all different colors and hues. I'm excited to try the opaque one. I love the idea of ordering a bunch of samples and this random pick makes it easier because I don't have to choose the colors

Great product!

I use this on my cold processed soap, I have not used in the soap but I use on top to jazz up the tops and accent my embeds. I love this!!!

Love love love pretty kitty pink!!

I love this color!! It’s so bright and perfect for a freshie!!

Perfect Cream

Used for a cream swirl in coffee soap. It came out beautifully.

So Pretty!!!

I love Spellbound! It's so sparkly and looked amazing in my Halloween Bath Bombs.


Love this color

Great colors

I love love this collection! Helped me snag up a few colors to start off with! Produced beautiful soap so far!

Beautiful in oils but then Gray at Trace

I love Mad Micas the review is for this color in CP soap only .. While in oils its was stunning then turned Gray during trace and is curing in a shade of gray...

Super cool!

It is dense so you'd have to keep mixing it right before you put it in the mold but I don't mind the results were great! Super cool for Halloween

Love it

This works great in CP soap, such a vibrant mica.

Lovin' This Color

We made this in our CP and it turned out beautifully!!!! Mad Micas are the best!!!


This has to be one of my favorite colors from MM. Super versatile and very deeply pigmented. It always blends easily no matter what I’m using it in! Thank you MadMicas for making such high quality products!

Twilight Blue Mica
Cyndi Heath
Pretty blue!

I really loved this color. I was sad that it didn't turn out very dark though. I was hoping for that. I think that was user error. I will use more next time. My customers loved it, it was just not what I had in my mind. It blended well and I can't wait to use it in my next project! I will add a little black to make it darker.

Luscious Green!

I love this shade of green. Used it in my cp soap and it definitely gives me a forest vibe for sure! Will buy again.

Snow White Mica
Analynn DiFilippo
Love this!

We use Snow White in all our products that we need a bright white for and couldn't be happier with the way they all turn out! Love your guys' products so very much! Thank you!!! :)

Beautiful Pumpkin color for my Embeds!

I am using this for my pumpkin embeds that will go on top of one of my holiday soaps. The color is spot on! Thank you so much for this color. It's gorgeous!

Aphrodite Blue Mica
Julie Climer
Gorgeous swirl color!

I have used it twice with other blues now. One I called Aphrodite's Kiss and the other I called Frosted Snowflakes. They both came out amazing and I am all sold out of the first one!