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Tickled Pink has me tickled happy!

I cannot even begin to express how elated I am that I found Mad Mica's! I ordered tickled pink along with several other mica's. I was nervous about the quality due to the price for the size I received. And let me tell you, NO MORE WORRIES HERE! Quality is exceptional, color is phenomenal in all the Mica's. Such bright vibrant results. I use my Mica's for car freshies and I barely have to use any at all. Shipping was fast also. If I could give 100 stars I would. This is my only go to place for Mica's now!

Unbelievable beautiful colors

Mad micas color are amazing...I'm so happy with my order...will order again

My absolute favorite gold!

What's not to love about this gold mica? It looks amazing in my CP soap and on my soap tops.

Sparkle Me Gold

This mica gave my body butter the sparkle ✨️ it needed.

Matte Gold Mica
Sarah Hathaway
Beautiful color!

I love the matte gold. It would great in my layered melt & pour. Thank you mad micas!

King Tut Gold Mica
Carroll Morales

Love the color

Love the color

Love the color

Lounge Lizard Green Mica
Carroll Morales

Love the color


Love this beautifully bright neon pink! Truly lives up to the neon name

So Pretty and Vibrant

This color is very pretty. I use it more than most other colors. It is exactly what I needed it for.

Twilight Blue Mica
Rayna Ewell

I love this color mica

Magic Beans Polychromatic Mica
Wearing your art on your sleeve(Andrea caron)
Magic beans, totally magical

Brown has never been my jam until I found magic beans, what a beautiful green hue as well as red added to the Beautiful Brown this is my absolute favorite color I am a fluid artist and mixing pigments can be tricky it takes a while to dissolve but these pigments are hands down the easiest to work with I have ever come across and I have used many brands YouTube video placeholder
Sparkle Sunshine
Kathy Coady
Sparkle Sunshine

This is super neat & bright ! I’ve been using it with CP soap making. I love to add some richness on top of my bars and this surely does SHINE

Always perfect

I love all the micas from Mad Micas. They very rarely disappoint; and ehen they do its because of a mistake I made. Brazen hussy is bold, beautiful and absolutely wonderful to work with.

Sakura Pink Mica
Denise Moore
Beautiful Soft Pi k!

Just the color I needed to blend softly with a custom order of Halloween Baby Shower soaps! Not too pink but soft enough to blend beautifully with the purple and black! Love it! Behaved well too. Heat transfer method and cpopped.

Magnificent! Love love love!

Love how beautiful this color shows in CP soap. It has a solid shine that makes the colors pop. Oh I love this!!

Sea Glass Mica
Mary Quattrini
Under the Sea

This color came out fantastic. Very pretty for the water and my kids love it

True Red Blend
Brenda Langley
true red

This is a true red and I love it!!

Beautiful Blue

This is one of my favorite blue micas. gorgeous at full pigment and it make s perfect pastel blue when used with a little TD in cold process soap.

Awesome yellow.

Mixed with blue, this yellow makes the perfect green bath bombs.

Sea Glass Mica
Sherry Meade
The perfect ocean color!

This color is beautiful in CP soap and bubble bath!

Love This Mica

Dice maker and this mica is fantastic. Love the rich black and the glitter within really do invoke a starry night. Pairs well with the Space Walk mica.

Star Bits
Nikki Sites
Adds perfect touch!

Adds the perfect touch to high top soaps.

Atomic No. 79
Nikki Sites
Perfect for my holiday soaps!

Adds the perfect touch to my holiday height top soaps.