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The Full Monty Collection

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A Complete List of Included Products

(except the six noted below)

The six interference micas - Sparkle Plenty, Sparkle Sunshine, and Sparkle Me Aqua, Blue, Gold and Red - come in approximately 1-teaspoon sample bags.

This is the set everyone needs. Every one of our micas in one fantastic set. This includes all of our hugely popular sparkling mica, too (in 1-teaspoon bags).

Eighty-one (81!) amazing micas to play with in one big set, and it's priced at a healthy discount over purchasing them individually. NOTE: 1-ounce Full Monty may have slight shipping delay due to necessary prep time.

Can't decide what colors are best? Don't know what will look awesome? Baffled trying to decide which micas will become your go-to colorants? This set will get you sorted right out.

The Full Monty does not include standard glitters, additives, True Red Blend or neon pigments (neon pigments are available in our Color Shock collection).

Please note: Tall Dark & Handsome and Tempest are included in this mica set but will morph in cold process soap or other high pH solutions (and are marked with an asterisk*).

A Complete List of Included Products

Customer Reviews

Based on 108 reviews
Vicki Adams
Full Monty

I chose this as my Christmas gift this year and I’m so happy that I did , what a fantastic way to try out a color before buying a larger container , fabulous idea
I am very excited to get “soaping “ always a hassle free buying experience with Mad Micas

Monica Yuen
Beautiful Colour

I want to order The Full Monty Collection for so.... long. Every time when I make up my mind, it sold out. This time I catch them just on time. Really happy I bought them and I want to try all... Mad Micas's products because they are reliable suppliers and fast shipping.

Elizabeth Burtner
Full Monty

I love the quality of your mica powder.


Bought these as a gift for a friend--shipped pretty quickly in a cute little decorative bag and she was really pleased!

Sarah D
Holy pigment!

I bought the Full Monty to try all the colors after so many raved about the mica powders and HOLY CRAP you guys. Where I was using teaspoons of powder to get ANY pigment with the brand I was using before, these micas DELIVER!! I am blown away at how little is needed for such vibrant cover. Absolutely recommend and will be buying more!