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The Full Monty Collection

Every Soap-Stable Mica We've Got

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This is it. This is the set everyone needs. Every single one of our soap-stable micas in our heaping one-teaspoon sample-size bags. This includes our hugely popular mica-based glitters, too.

That's right, 78 amazing micas to play with in one ginormous set while saving 25% off the single bag price. Discontinued colors not included

Can't decide what colors are best for your soap? Don't know what will look best in your resin? Baffled trying to decide about what micas will become your go-to colorants? This set will get you sorted right out.

This set does not include neons (which are available in our handy Color Shock collection), standard glitters or additives. Only soap stable micas...

Customer Reviews

Based on 18 reviews
Best value EVER!!!

Besides the micas being so pigmented and just gorgeous, the amount you get of each mica is terrific. I've made 8 loafs of soap (3 pounds loafs) and I have not even made a dent in this collection. Well worth the price!!


I ordered this last year, but forgot to leave a review. At first I thought there was a catch with getting so many colors for this price.
And there is! I now want to order a full amount of every one! Darn you Mad Micas for making me love every color! LOL!

Worth your money

I decided to buy The Full Monty because I wanted samples of multiple colors. It was my first purchase from Mad Micas and I have not been disappointed. The colors are bright and a great variety. I have used a few of the purples so far and are look great. My biggest problem now it trying to figure out which ones to buy a larger supply of.


Great vibrant colors!

So many colors!

You get so many colors, It seems impossible to use them all. The variations are really awesome you are able to find the color you want in different shades!