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Bomb Colors & Supplies, Dyes and Lakes

We are pleased to announce that we have Color Additive Certification for all FD&C and D&C batch certified single dye or lakes.  These colors can be used to color bath bombs, bath fizzies, bubble bars and bath salts and more.

Each color we carry has a Lot Number and Batch Number issued by the FDA for each batch. Each batch has been certified with a dye load specific to each batch (color). We are transparent about the dye load in each of the color additives we carry.  This is an important thing to require of your color supplier.

A low dye load can be very cheap, so if you are finding these for much cheaper, demand the dye load that the batch has been certified for. The lower the dye load, the less concentrated it is, and the more you will need to obtain the color you require.

All documentation comes with the purchase of all single dyes and lakes.  Mixtures of dyes and lakes are exempt from certification as long as the mixtures come from lot certified batches, therefore, no paperwork is available for the mixtures (Purple Dye, Purple Lake, Bright Green Dye, Turquoise Dye).

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