Fairytale Princess Pink Glitter

$ 4.15

This colorful glitter powder is magical!

It's a bright bubble-gum-pink, and it's shockingly iridescent.   The colors that illuminate from the pink are lime green, bright yellow and it sparkles endlessly.

Get your sparkle on, folks.  If you like pink and you love sparkles, this may be the match you've been searching for.

Sprinkle some here, sprinkle some there...sprinkle some everywhere!  

Ingredients:  Polyethylene Terephthalate (CAS 25038-59-9), Polyurethane (CAS 68258-82-2), Aluminum (CAS 7429-90-5)(CI 77000), Iron Oxide (CAS 1309-37-1)(CI 77491).

FREE glitter spray pump in 6 oz and 1 lb. sizes !

All glitters are packaged in jars except the 1 lb is packaged in a resealable stand up bag.  

(Formerly Pepto Pink Glitter)

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