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It's not a mistake: these are ALL photos of Spellbound from different angles.

Spellbound is incredible. No one knows what color it is, because IT doesn't know what color it is. The photos speak for themselves: Spellbound magically transforms to almost every color in the spectrum depending on the angle. It's truly unique!

"OMG... you all need to own this! The sparkle is incredible and the color changes every way you look at it. I'm kind of in love with it!" — Denise D. (verified)

Spellbound is not made from plastic, but instead from PLA, a carbon-neutral plastic substitute made from corn.

Data Sheet: SDS
Product Type
PLA-based sparkles
Particle Size .015 hex
Ingredients Polylactide (CAS 9051-89-2), polymer (CI 26062-94-2)

Additional Information:

  • For use as decorative sparkles in resin, art projects, crafts, on soap and more.
  • Sample bags contain approximately one teaspoon.
  • For product-specific information not available on this page, please consult provided data sheets.
  • Larger sizes are available. Please email for pricing and information.

Customer Reviews

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Stop overthinking it, and just go ahead already... BUY THIS GLITTER!!!! 🌟

I absolutely adore every mica and glitter that I receive from Mad Micas and this one is no exception! It might just be in my top 5 faves. I used it for my best selling REBIRTH soap for our halloween collection this year and it gave that perfect finishing touch to the top of the soaps. The way it shimmers and it's color shifting is truly magical. See how it looks on wet soap and finished soap in my youtube video! If you found me through this review please say hi so I can tell if it's worth attaching my youtube videos LOL YouTube video placeholder
Sara Stokes

This glitter is perfect to add a little fanciness to a soap or bath bomb. Just beautiful

Petra Shiffer
Glitter girl

I have used this on not one not two but 3 soaps already as a shimmer on my embeds and can’t get enough of it.

Alexis Gaddy (SpookSideSoap)

What a pretty glitter!! It really does make our CP soap shine different colors and look magical, I'm already working on more designs to use this in since I really believe it adds a wonderful sparkle!

Katrina Jones
Love this mica!

I have used Spellbound for bathbombs and for melt and pour fish embeds on top of my CP soap. I love how it looks!