Metallica ~ copper brown mica

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This aptly named mica shares many of the qualities of the band it's named after.  The heavy metal rock band is known for its fast tempos, lengthy instrumentals, and bold musicianship.  Metallica reflects the light to reveal a coppery red metallic sheen.  A closer look exposes an intricate balance of sparkle and depth, reminiscent of the face-melting solos Hetfield, Uhlrich, and Hammett once rocked the world with.


    Ingredients: Mica (77019)(CAS 12001-26-2), Iron Oxide (77491)(CAS 1309-37-1).    Particle size: 5-25 μm

    Cosmetic Grade.  FDA Approved for: Eyes, Lips and Face.


    Soap Notes:

    Usage rates: In cold process soap: 1 tsp. per pound of oils. 

    Usage rates: In MP soap: 1/4 tsp. per pound of soap base. 

    Please adjust depending on how deep or light you want the end color to be. Stable in cold process soap.

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