Harold's Purple Crayon Mica

$ 3.00

We totally understand why Harold would want to see the word through his amazing purple crayon.  And when you see this mica, you’ll understand, too!  This rich plum colored mica, is a deep, saturated, true purple reflecting a periwinkle blue; GORGEOUS in soap!

Harold would raise his crayon with pride!!


Ingredients: Mica (77019)(CAS 12001-26-2), Titanium Dioxide (77891)(CAS 13463-67-7), Ultramarine Blue (77007)(CAS 57455-37-5),Tin Dioxide (778161)(CAS 18282-10-5).  

Particle size:  10-60μm


Cosmetic Grade.  FDA Approved for: Eyes and Face.

Not safe for lips. 


Soap Notes:

cp soap: 1-2 tsp per lb of OILS IN BATCH - Does NOT morph.  Remains a gorgeous purple!

mp soap: 1/4-1/2 tsp per lb of SOAP BASE

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