Tennis Ball Breaker Neon Yellow Pigment

$ 3.75

You've been asking for a neon yellow color just for soaps, and that's exactly what this is except we didn't think the cold process soap would be so bright (see photo). 

It's Crazy-Bright. It's That Good.

Get Radical.  Find your balls and SERVE!

**Important** This pigment is NOT approved for the face. Please do not add them to lipstick, eye shadow, face powders or face paints.
Approved for use in soaps.
This color is not for use in cosmetics. Bath bombs and nail polish are considered cosmetics.

Ingredients:  Polyester-3 (CAS#68258-82-2), Yellow 5 (CAS#12225-21-7)


Soap Notes:

A Perfect Color.  Did Not Morph At All In Cold Process Soap.  Stayed True.

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