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Star Bits

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Like bits of stars captured in a jar, our latest glitter is another gorgeous biodegradable holographic wonder. Star Bits make an incredible addition to any soap or craft project and are 97% biodegradable in water within 30 minutes. This means, of course, that you don't want to mix them with water (our testing indicates no degradation in 99% rubbing alcohol).

We are thrilled to introduce another holographic biodegradable glitter - and this time beautiful, chunky stars!

This is a biodegradable holographic glitter.

Star Bits
Data Sheet: SDS
Product Type
Biodegradable glitter
Particle Size ⅛" stars
Ingredients Corn starch, polyvinyl alcohol, water, acrylates crosspolymer, aluminum

Additional Information:

  • For use as decorative sparkles in resin, art projects, crafts, on soap and more.
  • Will degrade quickly in water.
  • This is not recommended for use IN soap, but rather to be sprinkled ON soap since the batter may change the composition of the glitter
  • Sample bags contain approximately one teaspoon.
  • For product-specific information not available on this page, please consult provided data sheets.
  • Larger sizes are available. Please email for pricing and information.

Customer Reviews

Based on 21 reviews
The absolute CUTEST!

The pictures online do not do these cute stars any justice. They sparkle beautifully!

Highly Recommended

Absolutely Gorgeous!

Kimberly (Pax Luxe)
Perfect finishing touch!

These make the perfect finishing touch on soap tops, bath cupcakes, sugar scrubs, pretty much anything that needs a special something extra!

Beautiful topper for my soaps and candles

I'd recently tried some similar star eco-glitter and they melted on the top of my cold process soap - not these babies. They stated put! Were also a great topper for my candles. I'm so glad I got the big jar.

Kimberly Anderson

This stars are amazing I love the way they look and very nice on my soaps. Brought them out so much I stay with a order from here!!!!