Sparkle Me Blue Eco-Friendly Glitter Powder

$ 9.45

Illuminate Yourself.

This is an ultra-fine, lightweight, synthetic glitter powder; one that will make anything you're making or decorating the STAR of the show, HANDS DOWN!  This is eco-friendly.  Contains no plastic or metal!

This one is really hard to photograph because the camera doesn't pick up the illuminating blue iridescent sparkle that glows so brightly!

Safe for eyes, lips, and external use.
Permitted for use in bath bombs.

Ingredients: Fluorphogopite (12003-38-2), Titanium Dioxide (CI 77891) (CAS #13463-67-7), Tin Dioxide (CI 778161)(CAS# 18282-10-5).

Particle size: 40-200μm


Soap Notes: 

Can be used directly in soap!

CP soap: Works great in soap!Use a small amount (1/8 teaspoon) per pound of soap.  Mix with a small amount of oil to allow it to "free-flow" before adding it to your batter.

MP soap:  Use as you wish.  Use your judgement :)

Testing for compatibility to make sure you get the results you are hoping for is suggested before selling your product.   The pH of cosmetics and soap can vary immensely!

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