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Sparkle Me Blue Eco-Friendly Glitter Powder


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Sample bags contain one generous teaspoon (approx. 3-4 g).

"The other glitters on your shelf... and heck, probably the micas too... are going to be whispering and staring at this one. They will be jealous and for good reason -- Sparkle Me Blue is just that good." - KB

Illuminate Yourself.

This is an ultra-fine, lightweight, synthetic glitter powder; one that will make anything you're making or decorating the STAR of the show, HANDS DOWN!  The only problem? It's really hard to photograph because the camera doesn't pick up the illuminating blue iridescent sparkle that glows so brightly!

Sparkle Me Blue is eco-friendly and contains no plastic or metal.

And, since Sparkle Me Blue is a mica-based glitter, it's fully FDA-approved for cosmetic and bath bomb use!

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General Information
Sparkle Me Blue (SDS/MSDS) Eco-Friendly Mica Glitter
Ingredients Fluorphlogopite (12003-38-2), titanium dioxide (CI 77891), tin dioxide (CI 778161)
Particle Size 40-200 µm


FDA Permitted Cosmetic Uses
External Use Yes
Eye Area Yes
General (Including Lips) Yes
Bath Bombs Yes

Customer Reviews

Based on 30 reviews
Love that shimmer

I absolutely love all of mad micas sparkle plenty brand. I use them in my bath bombs and a little goes a long way!

For soaps...

Whoa...made Amethyst crystal soap points...
spectacular blue iridescent...I'm gagging Dah-ling!!!
If everyone had some it might bring about world peace...

Sparkle me blue is lovely

I absolutely loveeeeee this color. Mad micas are the best


Loved my Micas’s!!!! This color makes the most perfect highlighter!! Will be ordering more!!! 💕

How did I live before thus??

These fairy dusters are amazing! A quick spray and my soap looks heavenly. No more shaking shaking here and shaking there with powder. These are great!