Red Iron Oxide Pigment

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INCI: Red Iron Oxide

Red iron oxide is a pigment and is brick in color.  A stable in cold process soap bath and body products. Ultramarines and Oxides (pigments) are recommended in oil-based applications such as cold process and melt & pour (M&P) soap, liquid soaps, sugar & salt scrubs and balms, etc.

Cosmetic Grade:  Approved for Lips, Skin, Eyes and General Use.

Soap Notes:  Stable in cold process soaps - true to color

Usage Rate Recommendations:
We recommend a usage rate of about 1/8 teaspoon per pound of M&P soap. When mixing with M&P soap, blend in a few drops of glycerin or oil to make a smooth paste to avoid clumps in your soap. Pigments will appear bold and true to color in clear M&P soaps and will be somewhat muted (or pastel-like) in white M&P due to the titanium dioxide whitener.  Usage rates vary but typical suggested usage in CP soap is 1/2 - 1 teaspoon per lb. of soap. Over saturation will result in colored lather and will leave colored suds on fabric and may stain them. Pigments are best for swirling as the colors do not “bleed” into one another and do not “migrate” or spread.


Packaged in jars unless otherwise noted.

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