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Traditional Glitter (PET)

Pineapple Assault Yellow Glitter

Pineapple Assault Yellow Glitter

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NOTE: We are transitioning from supplying glitters in jars to packaging them in resealable bags. This will reduce our carbon footprint while lowering shipping weight and cost for customers. During the changeover, you may get either one.

A soft yellow glitter with sparks of lime green and rose quartz pink throughout. This has a powerful sparkly punch that reminds us of pineapples GONE WILD, hence the name: PINEAPPLE ASSAULT!

"Amazing!! This has to be my favorite glitter, BY FAR. It's a yellow/green but picks up the light so well that it appears turquoise in some of my darker purples and blues. Amazing stuff!!" —Ashley P. (verified)

This has a softness to it that won't overcome your design, but instead, will bring it to the level of glitterific.

This is a traditional PET glitter.

Using Glitter in Cosmetics

Ingredients & Product Data

Pineapple Assault
Data Sheets: SDS
Product Type
Particle Size .008 hex
Ingredients Polyethylene Terephthalate, polyurethane, aluminum, iron oxide

Additional Notes

  • For use as decorative sparkles in resin, art projects, crafts, on soap and more.
  • Sample bags contain approximately one teaspoon.
  • For product-specific information not available on this page, please consult provided data sheets.
  • Larger sizes are available. Please email for pricing and information.

Ethical, Cruelty-Free, Vegan

Mad Micas is committed to holding ourselves and our suppliers to the highest ethical standards. We have established a strict set of guiding principles that govern our actions and our supply lines that are rigid and non-negotiable.

Animal Cruelty Statement

  • Mad Micas has never tested any of our products or their individual ingredients/raw materials on animals and we never will.
  • Mad Micas will never purchase from any supplier or manufacturer whom we know to participate in any form of animal testing or cruelty.
  • Mad Micas suppliers certify to us that no raw material used in the production of mica or other products we purchase from them has been tested on animals.

Vegan Statement

  • All products we buy, sell or give away are 100% vegan. This includes refusing to carry any products colored using carmine.

Supply Line Ethics and Child Labor Statement

  • Mad Micas sources exclusively from ethical supply lines.
  • Mad Micas requires declarations from all suppliers stating that no minors participate in mining, factory work, transportation or any other process involved in the production of anything we carry.
  • Mad Micas will not source product from areas (for example, mica from India) in which there have been documented ethical transgressions.
  • The Mad Micas transport supply chain consists exclusively of major carriers like FedEx, UPS, and DHL and thus is free of forced or child labor.

Additional questions about our standards and practices should be directed to our office via phone or email.

Download a printable version of the Mad Micas Ethics Statement.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 25 reviews
Pineapple assault

Love the pineapple assault. Can’t wait to use it creating my new line of pineapple soap <3


Loveee this!!!

Favorite Glitter

I received this one as my freebie with an order, my next order I got myself an oz. of it because I absolutely love this one! It makes every soap I put it on so shimmery. This will always be in my collection now!

Joy Ross
Love this!

This glitter is perfect for the top of my monkey farts soaps.

Beth Bailey
Pineapple assault glitter

The sparkle is great! Perfect for what I wanted!