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Mystery Mica Take-Out Box

Mystery Mica Collection

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Our Mystery Mica Take-Out Box is just that!  It is a take-out box filled to the brim with TEN colorful soap-stable micas. This is a great way to play with some of our colors without agonizing over all the great choices.

Each box is filled with 10 1/4 ounce jars.

We can't take requests, unfortunately, for the colors included in the Mystery Boxes.  If you want specific colors, feel free to purchase those separately. These are made up in advance and should include one color from each color group.

Box color and tissue paper will vary from package to package.

Value: approximately $30.00

Buying this set gives you 20% off!


You can also get a sample bag size Mad Grab Bag which include 9 micas and one glitter!

Customer Reviews

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Great mixture!

I'm really pleased with the mixture of different colors. It was a wonderful surprise and a perfect mix from all color categories. Would definitely recommend.

Love this box

Second time buyer of Mad Micas. I have been well pleased at the quality of these micas in my soap. I am hooked! The box and wrapping are so personalized and makes you feel this company takes pride in their product! This is a fantastic box of micas! There are a few in there I have had my eye on for a I have them!!!! Will be purchasing these again!

Great selection!

Completely satisfied with my order. It has a couple that I was hoping I would get to play with (Tahitian Teal & Pow! Pow! Purple). The personal touches on the packaging were very nice as well. Can't wait to try them out!!


great assortment of colors

Mystery Take out box

This box was so fun! It comes exactly as pictured and it was filled with lots of micas. I will be ordering this again!