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Mad Grab Bag


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Let us grab you 10 samples for less than ten bucks!

Each Grab Bag will contain a selection of nine different mica colors along with one of the following:  a glitter, clay or pigment... All in our new sample-size bags.

Our mystery Grab Bags are a fun way to try new colors and since they're affordable, it's easy to decide!

Value: $15.00

Sample bags contain one generous teaspoon (approx. 3-4 g)

Customer Reviews

Based on 30 reviews
Beautiful collection!

I was excited to receive this and absolutely thrilled with the selection. There's a nice selection here, and it's a really fun way to try some things I might not have otherwise chosen. I've already used a couple- vibrant high quality product!

Nice assortment of colors

I decided to give the sample pack a try just to see what I might end up with. There was a nice assortment of colors in it, quite a few that I would not have ever picked to try on my own. There are doubles of one color in the picture, but one of them was actually in with the business card not part of the pack.

Extremely happy

I decided to go for a sample pack as I have never ordered from here before and after receiving my package I'm super pleased with the products. The colors are absolutely gorgeous and the variety in the sample pack was nice as well. Over all I was very happy with my order and will most definitely order more colors from here in the future.

A Little of Everything

I simply could not decide on which colors to get so I decided to let Mad Micas do the job for me and I could not be more pleased to do so! I got a wonderful variety of colors and a wonderful glitter, they are so AMAZING!!!!! I love each one and now the real hard part - which one to use first!!!!

Great grab bag!

The selection in my grab bag is a lot of fun. 8 out of 10 I am able to use in my CP soaps. The other two weren’t safe for that. I’ve used 3 samples so far and am pleased with how they look in my soap. Thank you for offering this sampler.