Dry Glitter/Mica Spray Pump

$ 3.99

We have been looking for a spray and/or pump or anything that would evenly spray or distribute dry glitters and micas. This container pushes dry glitters or micas through a pump, spraying the dry product evenly with each pump.  Perfect for topping your creation with color or making a "pencil line" in your soap without overspreading.

We bring this item to you as a quick sale unless the masses insist on us keeping them.  They are on the expensive side, but made well and works consistently every time.

We've tested a number of these and they keep on going.  (You should have seen what we looked like after we sprayed each other outside!  We were going for the enchanted fairy look ;))

In any case, they are here, as we promised.  You asked for them, we got 'em!  Holds about one ounce of dry glitter or mica.  Perfect !


Comes free with 1 lb and 6 oz sizes of glitter !!

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