Mad Micas Reviews

Thank you all for the love. We work hard to select the very best premium micas and colorants for our customers to use in soaps, bath and body products, makeup, resin, artwork and other makers' projects. The feedback you provide is invaluable and lets us know just how we're doing.
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Go-to dusty blue

I use this color regularly, great dusty blue and goes great with other colors.

My favorite color ever!!

Love, love, love. This is absolutely the most beautiful color. Great as is, or makes a lovely pastel of gig add TD.

Gorgeous neon pink!

I used this in my 'Afternoon Delight' soap. Used eight different neon and this was one of them! Beautiful colors for the soap!


I use this neon in my paints all the time and it is pure magic! All of the neons are so good

Snake Island Green Mica
Raymond Hooker
Snake Island swirl

used it in a cp with white from Ti oxi and a hanger swirl and was very pleased

Bright Colors

Love these colors they are so eye catching at Vending events. We are Obsessed.

Gorgeous rainbow glitter

Absolutely gorgeous rainbow glitter. My customers like this touch of something extra on their soaps.

Great Deep purple color

I was looking for a deep rich purple to make my blackberry wine shower scrub and this color did not fail me. I love the richness of it and will buy more in the future for more of my products

Taxi Cab Yellow Mica
Jami Kielhack
My favorite yellow

This is the perfect yellow. It looks amazing in my lemon scented soaps.

Star Bits
Eleanor Thorne
Mind boggling cuteness!

Star Bits glitter stars are super cute! The stars are (obviously) biodegradable, but just as sparkly as any other (less righteous :)) kind of glitter. Sprinkle them on top of soap, bath bombs, or as accent pieces on nails (just make sure the stars are well coated in clear nail polish)! And, frankly, I just like to look at them in the container. ;-)

Subtle and Elegant

I got this color for a custom order and I like it more than I expected! It's more golden and shimmery than I thought it would be and it's just beautiful in my M&P soap.

Worth Every Penny!

I love ordering the mystery take out boxes! I often order multiple boxes at a time and seldom receive duplicates even though this is not guaranteed. As always the colors are beautiful and vibrant in both soap and resin. I love crafting with MM products and look forward to my next purchase🤩

3 Olive Martini Green Mica
Deborah Doerflinger
The Perfect Olive Green

I was trying to figure out how to mix several micas to get Olive Green. I saw that Mad Micas already had that color! Used it to make small gift soaps for a Bachelorette Party (same color as the wedding colors) and they turned out perfect! Thank you Mad MIcas!

Great deep, purple color

Mad Micas is always quick to respond and very helpful. Love this color.

Fun gift

I got this as a gift for a friend who uses mica pigments for dice making. They were impressed with the bright, varied selection of colors and the quantity / quality of jars is great! I am very tempted to get my own...

Beautiful lip safe orange!

I use micas to color my lip balms… Tequila Sunrise makes the perfect “Orange creamsicle “ look 😍😍

Ultramarine Blue Pigment
Diana Shacklett
I love the color

I love it but it does not mix well and gave my soap speckles on the bottom. I tried different ways to mix it but it didn’t work. Maybe it’s a bad batch

We have not had any issues or reports of ultramarine blue not working properly. With pigments, oxides and ultramarines, we recommend incorporating the color with glycerin before adding to the melted soap base. It appears as if the color was not mixed properly before being added to your base.

Key West Blue Mica
Diana Shacklett
I loved this color

This color is so beautiful and easy to work with

Beautiful Orange

Bright and stable in CP soap and is perfect to paint bath bombs with.

Heliotrope Purple Mica
Aprille, Owner Bella Oshun
Purple Magic

This Mica is really beautiful. I love working with Mad Micas' blends. You can go heavy or light and it will produce the most amazing shades!

Tennis Ball Breaker Neon Yellow Pigment
Aprille, Owner Bella Oshun
How Can You Not Smile?!

I can't get enough of the NEONS. I LOVE these colors for my summer line

Flotation Device Neon Orange Pigment
Aprille, Owner Bella Oshun

Every time I use a MICA its my favorite! I love this mica

True Red Blend

El mejor rojo que he probado para mis jabones Saponificados

True Red Blend
Karin Crafts of Alchemy Soap Company
The Brightest Red

I have tried lots of "true Red" mica's from other companies looking for that real red color in my soap, Mad Mica's True Red Blend is it. The Red color is the deepest, brightest, best real red color I've ever seen in soap. I love it and will always have it on hand.

Nina Simone Fairy Duster

Absolutely gorgeous and beautiful, smooth application. Love, love, LOVE!!