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Thank you all for the love. We work hard to select the very best premium micas and colorants for our customers to use in soaps, bath and body products, makeup, resin, artwork and other makers' projects. The feedback you provide is invaluable and lets us know just how we're doing.
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Quality pigments with a super bright pay off!


J adore vos micas

prettiest glitter

I love that it is small and gives my soaps the glisten just with the tiniest sprinkle ! perfect for geode crystal last touch!

Love it!!!

It’s so pretty and the glow really shows up!!! It’s heavier than other mica powders, but after I accounted for that, using it was super easy!

Love this color

I love the bright neon colors..and the Radioactive is one of my favorites. Brings me back to the 90’s. I have fun using this color, made a very 89’s / 90’s retro looking soap. It was fun!

This is perfect!

I love this color. I added this color for my Gentle Rose Soap and it looked so beautiful. YouTube video placeholder
Snow White Mica
Timothy O'Neil
Very white!

I used this to make some college themed pen blanks, and it was fantastic! It was the kind of white that you expect to see on a sports uniform, or a college emblem, but still interplayed with the other color nicely.

Neon samples

These samples are amazing! Very vibrant and a little goes a long way!

This is best mica and color to use for softball color. I love this color.

Voodoo Red-Pink Mica
Eleanor Thorne
Voodoo is a great pinky red!

I love the depth of color of Voodoo! It behaves splendidly in my CP soap and the bold red/pink is the perfect accent to lighter pinks (like Ballet Slippers) and white (like Here Comes the Bride) to really make them all pop! I haven't run into a mica from Mad Micas I haven't liked, but this is one of my favorites!

Love Bite Pink Mica
Chazney Keller
Beautiful color!

Such a rich color! I use it in my cherry almond cold process soap and it turns out lovely!

Rich, Gorgeous Color

Makes a gorgeous deep teal. Very rich and beautiful.

Great Beginner Sampler Pack

These colors are beautiful and a great way to start using micas. There's a generous amount in each sample and the colors are highly pigmented and show up well in CP soap. I've used them several times to make small batches of soap and I still have plenty left. A great value!

True Red Color Set
Troy Schiff

Very happy with the combination to make a true red. Worked very well!

great variety

We got this to just have a general pallete of colors and are very satisfied!

Star Bits
Angel Ganter
Absolutely adorable!!

These stars are absolutely fantastic on top of soap, and since they only dissolve with water, spritzing them with 90% rubbing alcohol does nothing to them! They are holographic and perfect for that Starry Night soap that just needs some pizzaz!

Snow White Mica
Carole Miller
Love it

This is amazing white mica
Would recommend to anyone

White Kaolin Clay
Joseph Ramirez

It worked great, no clumps and dispersed well!!

Beautiful Purple

This has a more of a pink undertone, but it is a perfect light lavender color.

Lorne Green Mica
Sherry Meade
Bright color

There is a little more yellow tint that I was hoping for, but this is still a nice vibrant color.

Tahitian Teal Mica
Gisella Meza
Just Wow 🤩

I love the color so much just exactly what I was expecting I can’t wait to used just planning my new soaps team and also waiting on new colors that I order 🥰❤️ I can’t wait to used in another soaps, thanks Katie from Royalty soaps for recommending on your videos 😍

Beautiful blue

Such vibrant color I love I didn’t used yet but I will definitely do it soon just waiting for another colors that I recently order to used together 😁🙌🏼❤️

Blue Tide Blue Mica
Gisella Meza
Amazing color

I got this color because I saw Katie from Royalty soaps using and I absolutely love it 🥰 such beautiful color I’m new to soaps making but I’m familiar with color I will definitely buy more colors soon 🥰❤️🙌🏼

Guava Lava Pink Mica
Eleanor Thorne
pinker than I was expecting--which is great!

I love Guava Lava in lip balm, especially paired with chai flavor oil. It is a feminine, subtle pink/brown that adds some color to my lips without needing a mirror to make sure I haven't colored outside the lines. :)

Sparkle Sunshine
Carla McGhee
Love, love, LOVE!

I’m so happy I found this glitter, it’s perfect for adding that little elegant touch to my emulsified body butters. Will definitely repurchase. @mixdtbrand