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Thank you all for the love. We work hard to select the very best premium micas and colorants for our customers to use in soaps, bath and body products, makeup, resin, artwork and other makers' projects. The feedback you provide is invaluable and lets us know just how we're doing.
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I just received the Full Monty and couldn’t resist ordering the Neons , they are beautiful and I can’t wait to try them .I’ve looked at other site for colorants and always decide to stick with Mad Micas and I have not been disappointed

Full Monty

I chose this as my Christmas gift this year and I’m so happy that I did , what a fantastic way to try out a color before buying a larger container , fabulous idea
I am very excited to get “soaping “ always a hassle free buying experience with Mad Micas

Love Mad Micas

Only made one small batch of soap with this trio and did not use enough of each pigment. Even though it was diluted I see more true red that can potentially come out. Will update on next batch. Follow directions accordingly to get the true red you want. I used 1/4 tsp of each for about 600 ml of batter.

Vibrant Color

I love the Mad Micas Vibrance Colors! They are beautiful! Can’t wait to use them in my cp soap.

Fun to work with

I don't have piks because I was trying it out but I absolutely love these glow pigments in my freshies

Black Oyster Black Mica
Melissa Westfall

Best black mica!!

Love it!

I love all of Mad Micas products!


Love this color! It was perfect for what I needed it for! Definitely will order again.

King Tut Gold Mica
Jassamayn Awes

Loved this mica as a cold process soap topper! Tried to mix it into the batter and it wasn’t as bright and shiny, which is understandable. 100% will buy again!

Have not used yet

I have plans to use this in a rather complicated swirl. Just have not had time in all the Christmas rush to do it. I do not see it as a necessary Christmas collor and I sell soap all year so I want to take my time with this design and get it right. Will report when I do it.

Great green with a hint of blue

I used this color in Cp soap with Angry rose and it is a very nice combination.

great color

I love the color in the jar. I learned with my first batch of cp soap using it that one needs to use very light colored oils. The color is affected if the oils used are a bit yellow /golden. I did not want to add TD as I was afraid it would end up pink. It ended up a bit more brown/rust/red than the color in the jar but still worked very well with the other colors in my CP soap. Going to use it this week in Lip balm.

It's great.

This sparkle is like snow sparkle. Just what i wanted. I love it. Subtle and very nice Unless you spray too much and then you get a silver sheen. I did this on a very snall batch and it actually worked fine on that soap. I love the sprayer/duster too. It's easy to use and makes the glitter go a long way as none is wasted. Using it on CP soap.

Steel Grey and Beautiful

This is a lovely color!! I used this on my Concrete Rose Soap, and it gave a perfect pearlescent pewter look to my hot-process bars, by far the prettiest grey I have seen this far. I can't wait to try it in cold process projects too!

True Red Blend
Dleigha Williams
This is not red at all

Very disappointed in this one .it is not red it’s a light pink / orange

Black mica

I know everyone has trouble getting black when mixed with white soap base any suggestions on how to make a true black.

Newest Christmas colors

Paired this with Astro green. Surprisingly, pretty❣️❣️


Thank you, Strawberry Moonshine Pink is a beautiful color. I really love the way it works in my watermelon cold process soap.

Beautiful color!

The blue comes out great in resin, mixes well with the King Tut gold as well. Definitely a favorite of mine!

I'm in love with King Tut!!!

I love this Mica powder it is one of my favorites to use in my wax melts and air freshies the Shimmer and shine is absolutely gorgeous.. I highly recommend this color, If you haven't tried it you must try I promise whatever your craft or creation is and you're using King Tut you'll fall in love and so what everyone else

Bermuda Triangle Mica
Jami Kielhack
Beautiful colors

I ordered Heliotrope and Bermuda Triangle. These 2 colors combined made the most beautiful soaps! I love these colors.

True Red Color Set
Cynthia Delgado
Extremely Satisfied

I used the True Red Color Kit for a cold process Peppermint Christmas Soap and was very pleased. The red is beautiful and did not bleed into the white.

Thank you so much!


This blue is so beautiful I love it

King Tut Gold Mica
Pattie Gribel
King Tut stunning

This is by far my favorite gold so beautiful

Aphrodite Blue Mica
sheila woodson
Graet light blue

I bought a sample size. I had to get the larger size for my mica needs Thank you