Mad Micas Reviews

Thank you all for the love. We work hard to select the very best premium micas and colorants for our customers to use in soaps, bath and body products, makeup, resin, artwork and other makers' projects. The feedback you provide is invaluable and lets us know just how we're doing.
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It's a beautiful perfect color! I loved it.

Hot Pants Pink Mica
Annette Wiggins-Bey

I am infatuated with your mica colors. I was able to sell a lipgloss because of the name of the color. Thank you for offering this product to the world.

Snake Island Green Mica
Jason Klepchick
Awesome Green

This color was just what I was looking for. It goes perfect with dark greys and black. I have received many compliments on the color and will be using this from now on.

True Red Color Set
Jason Klepchick
True Red

Exactly the colors I needed! They worked wonders on my soaps. I will be using them all the time.

Tequila Sunrise Orange Mica
Kathleen Kortonick
Just perfect

I used Tequila Sunrise for the bottom layer of my citrus oatmeal soap and it is the perfect color!

Aphrodite Blue Mica
Kimberly Morales

The color is beautiful and the soaps I made with it turned out really nice. I will continue using only Mad Micas in my Soaps.

Pow! Pow! Purple Mica
Sharon Higgins
Pow Pow Purple Mica

I love you too Mad Micas. My first order was perfect. The micas I ordered have worked beautifully in my cold process soap and also as a dry mica paint for my soap art. Royalty Soaps turned me on to your shop thru her videos and I will be ordering my micas here. Customer service is superb, makes you feel your purchase is important. Thank you for being a Stellar Seller. Sharon Higgins

Matte Gold Mica
jessica martin

this color is so beautiful

Our favorite pink!!

This pink is so true to color and our most used mica for our freshies!! We always order again and again!

Don’t pass this one up!

I was hesitant in getting this shade of brown for my planet theme but I am so glad I did! This color stays true to the color and the shimmer is not too overwhelming in CP soap. I love this one and will always keep it in stock! Mad Mica’s are the best there is!

Great color!

This color was definitely easy to work with, it dissolves quickly and evenly in the soap, I also used it in my tequila sunrise candles and had great results. I was going for a very pastel creamy yellow in my candles so I added a very tiny amount and got the results I wanted. In wanted a bolder color in the soap and used more powder and it turned out wonderful.

Lovely color!

Needed a color for a specific project. A friend suggested this color, and it worked perfectly. Turned out great!

A Real Hit!

I had the chance to make a glowing d20 soap and this was absolutely perfect! Mixed it with a little Crazy Eyes to get a green both in light and in dark and it turned out beautifully. My customers love it!

Bright and beautiful!

Love these colors, can't wait to give them a try.

Star Bits
Susan Leibsly
Love these star bits. They’re perfect.

I am overwhelmed by the beauty and versatility of these star bits. I doll my melt and pour soaps up with them. Everybody loves the pizzazz it adds to my soap. I’ll buy more, for sure!

🤩😍🥰 So Beautiful!!

I completely feel in love with this one. It will be my most used mica for white! I abso love the delicate shimmer it gives.

Amazing Dusting!!

I was curious how this would look and decided to give it a try for one of the soaps I was making. It turned out incredible! It gave it just the right sparkle!

So lovely!

This mica is so beautiful! It makes for a stunning eyeshadow.

Into The Mystic
Heidi Hambrick

I used it on my birthday cake cold processed soap and it looks amazing.

Excellent Micas

This was my first purchase from this store I purchased the royal upgrade and these micas were excellent. I can't wait to build up a stock of more micas from Mad Mica.

Petra Shiffer
Glitter girl

I have used this on not one not two but 3 soaps already as a shimmer on my embeds and can’t get enough of it.


Hats off to Katie for choosing these colors. Always a Bridesmaid may be one of my favs.

Poppycock Copper Mica
Eleanor Thorne
Love, love, love the sparkle!

The photo of Poppycock does not do it justice! It is so vibrant and sparkly--I want to use it for EVERYTHING! I especially love it as an accent (mixed with alcohol or light oil) streaked in my CP soap. Just stunning!


I know this clearly states "neon", but wow is it ever NEON. I love it. I really wasn't expecting such a vibrant color, but this totally delivers! Speedy shipping and very nicely packaged, also!


I absolutely love this yellow! It’s like my Goldilocks of yellows. When I want a natural soft yellow this is my go to.