What Is FDA Batch Certification for FD&C Dyes and Lakes?

General Information

For dyes and lakes intended for use in food, drug and cosmetic products to be sold in the United States, the FDA requires certification. This involves sending a sample of each batch of dye or lake to the FDA for a full analysis that includes the identifying the exact makeup of each sample, along with the percentage of color, or "dye load" found.

Each time an FDA-certified batch is opened, it cannot be resold as batch-certified unless it has been re-tested and re-certified.

Mad Oils, Inc d/b/a Mad Micas, is an FDA-certified repack facility. This allows us to purchase FDA-certified dyes and lakes, have the FDA re-test and re-certify them, and repack them into smaller quantities. 

This means that every jar of FDA-certified color you buy from Mad Micas is traceable back to the original manufacturer, with each step of the way having been carefully tested and analyzed by the FDA.

Once we receive our FDA certifications, we put the dyes and lakes up for sale, post the dye load on our web site, and make all certifications available for download from our FDA batch-certified certificate page. We also clearly label every jar with the batch number, the FDA-issued lot number, and the dye load.

Learn more about dyes, lakes and dye loads here!

U.S. and Foreign Regulations

If you are in the U.S., please familiarize yourself with and always refer to the FDA regulations for the specific product and regulations for the end use at the FDA Summary of Color Additives page.

If you reside outside the U.S., we strongly encourage you to contact the relevant governing agencies in your country to learn the facts about color additives where you live. 

Mad Oils, Inc. d/b/a Mad Micas cannot be responsible for adherence to laws in foreign countries, and the legality of use and/or import is not implied by our sale of dyes and lakes. Purchasers assume all responsibility for complying with local laws, and use is entirely at the discretion of the consumer.