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Nina Simone Sparkles Holographic Glitter

Holo Glitter

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Sample bags contain one generous teaspoon (approx. 3-4 g).

"I've never seen a glitter like this in my entire life...this glitter is like the Chanel, Gucci & Prada of the glitter world." - BNoir

Nina Simone is one of our favorites here at the mad house. She is multifaceted and complex, just like this glitter. It looks silver but then every color in the rainbow sparkles all at the same time; it's next to impossible to tell how many colors it actually has!

Blue, violet, gold, green, yellow, orange, pink, copper, periwinkle, red, aqua... if we keep looking at it, we can see more colors. When you get some, let us know what colors YOU see! 

General Information
Nina Simone Sparkles (SDS/MSDS) Iridescent/HOLO Glitter
Ingredients Polyethylene terephthalate  (CAS 25038-59-9), aluminum (CI 77000), resin epoxy, pigment

Glitters are not approved for cosmetic use by the FDA, but they're fabulous in soap and craft projects!

Customer Reviews

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Silver sparkle everywhere!!

This was the 1st bio glitter I have purchased here and I cannot say enough about it! I just about goes on every soap loaf I make. I am absolutely recommending this if you're looking for that silver sparkle . The spray bottle is an absolutely magnificent addition as well.

Gorgeous glitter!

I should have bought the spray bottle. I’ve never used glitter before but this is phenomenal! I wish I had purchased it in the spray bottle because I definitely applied it unevenly. I’ll definitely be buying more (in the sprayer!)


If you're looking for sparkles this is it! They make any bar of soap look absolutely amazing. I will definitely be purchasing more, you should too!!!

My favorite glitter

Nina Simone Sparkles Holographic Glitter is my very favorite glitter. It makes every color look better, richer! Whatever color is in the soap is also in Nina Simone, and it just pops it out a treat! So fun! It really gives my CP soap a lovely finishing touch. (The fairy duster us super fun and handy, too!)

I love the Nina Simone glitter, and the fairy duster is awesome!

I bought the Nina Simone glitter, being a huge fan of Ms. Simone's work, and because I was looking for a glitter to amp up the sparkle on a few soaps. I'm not in the habit of using glitter on my soaps as I formulate primarily for folks with sensitive skin...

But WOW! I used the Fairy Duster with Nina Simone glitter on 2 soaps this week and the difference is AMAZING! The Blood Orange soap & the Fresh Spa soap have never looked better! I used such a tiny amount but it added tremendous sparkle and I like the fact that the particles are so small they will not be irritating to the skin...

I even took pictures, which I rarely do, just to share... I like getting excited about a new product or technique...

Thanks so much, Mad Micas! I feel I'm entering a new dimension -- sparkly soaps. Who knew it could be so much fun!?

I can see another application for this as temporary glitter tattoos... Use a small design, like an angel, as a "stamp." Wet the design with glycerine and while wet give a spray of the glitter. Let the glycerine dry, and brush gently... The design will stay nicely defined in the glitter. I will try this at the next Renaissance Fair.