"OK FOR" Usage Key Explanation


Overview: Our "OK FOR" key is a quick and easy reference point for customers to learn about the color additives used to manufacture each colorant we sell, in the context of which are FDA-permitted for use in cosmetics, and for what uses. It also provides guidance for usage in media that the FDA do not regulate, like soap, crafts, and epoxy resin.

Cosmetic Use: In the case of cosmetic use, we list products in the "OK FOR" key according to the FDA-permitted usage status of each product's individual ingredient. We get this information directly from the FDA website by referring to their "Color Additives Permitted for Use in Cosmetics" table. Ingredients that are in a product that are not listed in that table have no bearing on the information in the key.

If a particular usage is FDA-permitted for ALL color additives in a product, we indicate so with a graphic representing that usage (lips, eyes, etc).

If any individual ingredient in a product is listed as not FDA-permitted for a particular use, we indicate so by having an "X" appear over the graphic representing that usage. Rolling over the graphic will provide some additional detail.

Other Uses: For uses that are not regulated by the FDA we indicate what we, in our internal testing, have had success with. We also continually review feedback from customers to make these suggestions.

Important Note: We are only providing information about FDA-regulated color additives according to the table on the FDA website. We are not making any representations whatsoever regarding actual usage, local or federal laws and/or regulations beyond providing the most current FDA-posted information we have seen. It is up to the end user to review rules and documentation for each product in order to make their own decisions as to best practices.