Tinted Lip Balm Tutorial

Nikki Cicerone, of My Magical Star, has graciously created this tinted lip balm tutorial. Thank you, Nikki, for all your energy and generosity!


Makes about 70 tubes (.15oz tubes)  - this is a non-vegan recipe

  • Beeswax - 60 grams (2.13 oz.)
  • Shea or Cocoa Butter - 60 grams (2.14 oz.)
  • Coconut Oil - 75 grams (2.64 oz.)
  • Castor Oil - 75 grams (2.64 oz.)
  • Flavor Oil - 6 gram (6 ml)
  • Lip Safe Mica - 1/2 teaspoon


    1. ​Melt the shea butter/cocoa butter and beeswax in a double boiler over medium heat. ​When that is melted add the coconut oil in the double boiler.  Add the oil. Stir well and turn off the heat.​ While you are waiting for the lip balm base to melt, add ​the lip safe mica to your heat safe measuring cup and put the flavor oil on top of it. Mix the flavor oil and mica together until it is fully incorporated. Add your lip balm base to your color/flavor mixture and stir until blended. 

    2. Carefully ​​pour into empty lip balm containers or lip balm tubes using a lip balm filling tray. This must be done quickly before the mixture hardens. If the mixture should harden place your measuring cup back into the double boiler water and heat it up slowly while stirring the mixture.

    3. Cool for an hour until mixture has completely hardened.