Shipping Protection Information & Exclusions

Claim Limits

We reserve the right to limit claims to one per household.

In order for us to process claims on orders valued at over $250 that are marked delivered by the carrier, we reserve the right to require the customer to file a police report with local authorities that details the theft, a copy of which must be forwarded to Mad Micas. Without a police report being filed, we reserve the right to refuse the claim.

International Shipments

We regret that we are no longer able to offer Shipping Protection on any international shipments. If you purchase Shipping Protection and your order is shipping internationally, we will refund the cost to your payment method.

Shipping to Freight Forwarders

Due to numerous packages marked delivered at freight forwarding companies that have subsequently gone missing, if you are sending your shipment to a freight/parcel forwarding company that will then ship it to your location, we are unable to replace packages marked as delivered to a forwarder. If it is lost in transit or never delivered, we will, of course, cover it

Shipping to Non-Billing or Other Third Party Addresses

Mad Micas reserves the right to decline to provide Shipping Protection on packages sent to any address other than the billing address on the order. In such cases we will notify the customer and return the insurance fee.

Shipping Methods & Signatures

Due to loss and theft profiles that are carrier and/or delivery location-related, Mad Micas reserves the right to select the shipping method of our choice for packages on which Shipping Protection has been purchased, and/or to require signature release of any packages for which we deem such precautions are warranted. These decisions are based on the value of the order and other factors such as historical data. Mad Micas will cover the cost of signature requirement if we choose to require it.

In such cases, we will notify and confirm with the buyer that these changes are acceptable. If they are not, we will ship according to the wishes of the buyer, but unfortunately cannot offer Shipping Protection on the shipment and will return the fee.