FAQ Problems

My order was shipped but it's not moving. Why?

Sometimes USPS does not show tracking until days after it has been shipped. USPS First Class is the SLOWEST way and can take WEEKS to receive a package shipped this way.

We highly recommend UPS or FedEx for shipping methods.

Why is my fairy duster clogged??? Help!

Fairy Dusters (FD) can occasionally clog, but most often, it can be fixed quickly. Try this: You may want to perform this outside if it is not windy since you may end up with floating glitter everywhere...

  • Unscrew the top of the FD and remove slowly, tapping lightly to remove any excess glitter into the jar.
  • Pump the top to release any glitter in the mechanism that sits in the powder.
  • Try tapping lightly on a hard surface to jostle any more glitter.
  • Blow into the mechanism with some force to dislodge powder.
  • Screw top back onto container and test.
  • If the Duster doesn't work properly after 10 pumps, please contact us.