Brazen Hussy Red-Orange Neon Pigment

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If any color POPS, this is the one.  It's bright, bold and attracts!  We had such a hard time naming this because it really didn't look like anything specific to us. It was decided that we would enlist our Facebook followers to come up with name and we got some great names, too! We had fun reading all of the names our customers came up with.

This colorant is a vixen and reliably flashy, daring, shameless, saucy and mischievous!  This color (and those qualities) should be in everyone's back pocket to flaunt out when necessary.

This is a neon red-orange. This neon color is extremely bright, stable and non bleeding in cold process soap.  

Ingredients: Polyester-3 (CAS # 68258-82-2), Red 28 (CAS# 18472-87-2).  


Oil soluble

**Important** This pigment is NOT approved for the face. Please do not add them to lipstick, eye shadow, face powders or face paints. Approved for use in soaps only. These colors are not for use in cosmetics. 
Soap Notes:

    Usage rates in Cold Process soap: 1-2 tsp. per pound of oils.

    Usage rates in Melt & Pour soap: 1/4-1/2 tsp per pound of M&P base.

      Adjust these calculations to lighten or darken your desired hue.These amounts create bright colors with no colored suds.

      Packaged in a recyclable, reusable jar for a no-mess, no-waste experience.

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