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True Red Pigment
Steph's Mini True Red Set
True Red Color Set
True Red Color Set
True Red Color Set
True Red Color Set
True Red Color Set


True Red Color Set

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Does Not Bleed!

If you are tired of bleeding red soap colors or mixtures, you've come to the right place. Our set is stable and will not bleed/ run/ migrate. It's perfect for the holidays and the color will stay where you put it!

"I bought the true red set because red was the color I could never achieve in my CP soaps. First time I tried it, I got a magnificent red. MM is now my go to for mica." —Andrea S. (verified)

We know the heartbreak of working hard to achieve a beautiful soap design only to have the red bleed into neighboring colors. That's why we created the True Red Set; it will not bleed.

Color wheel red can be attained in cold/hot process soap, and melt and pour soap easily by mixing these three colors in EQUAL PARTS before adding them in your soap mixture (read the tutorial here or see below).

The True Red Set consists of three colors at a 15% discount over purchasing them individually:

Brazen Hussy Neon Pigment is for soap only, so if you are purchasing this set and using these colors in a blend, the safety applications are regulated for SOAP ONLY.


CP soap: Use 2½–3 teaspoons per pound of oil.

MP soap: Use ¾-1 teaspoons per pound of soap base.


Before beginning: mix the reds. Take a mini whisk/spoon/craft stick and mix equal amounts of each of the three reds in your set together. While you stir, also grind the colors against the bottom and sides of your cup.  Imagine a slightly gentler version of using a mortar and pestle. Do this until the colors are combined and look like a deep brick red color with hints of Brazen Hussy speckled in. Then add the liquid of your choice (details below).

FOR MP SOAP: choose one of the following techniques

Suggested usage rate for MP soap: Use ¾-1 teaspoon per pound of soap base.

Technique One - Liquid glycerin:  For each pound of soap use 1 TB of glycerin and the Mixed Reds. Combine the Mixed Reds and glycerin together with a spoon or baby whisk. Fold it over and around, making sure you blend in the powder from the sides and bottom of the cup. 

Technique TWO - Rubbing alcohol: For each pound of soap, combine 2 TBS of alcohol with the Mixed Reds. Mix.


Suggested usage rate for CP soap: Use 2½–3 teaspoons per pound of oils in your soap batch.

Use 2 ounces of one of the oils from your recipe and add the mixed reds. Stir them together. Do this step before you prepare your lye mixture or oils, as it gives the oils a chance to really soak in and dissolve the pigment so the colors will blend together seamlessly.

Will not bleed/migrate into other colors.

Note: Fragrance oils that are not clear can alter the final color.

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