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Limited Edition Spring '22 Collection

Spring Fling Thing

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New 2022 Edition!

Six 1 ounce jars.

It's time for the Spring Fling Thing's return: welcome to the 2022 edition of this hit collection. This year, we're including a brand new holographic, biodegradable star-shaped glitter, Star Bits. Star Bits will appear on the site in the future, but for now this is the only way you can get any.

The Spring Fling Thing: 6 great products at 15% off retail!

This special set includes a 1-ounce jar of each of the following:

This collection is available for a limited time only, and only in 1 ounce jars. For information about each color, please visit the individual pages, which we have linked to above.

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Rebecca G
Extremely Pleased

So far I am extremely pleased with the Spring Fling collection! I have used the Grape Nehi, Pot O’Gold and the Maniacal Pea for an ombré pour and I couldn’t be happier with how the colors turned out! I was a little concerned because yellow colors have a habit of speeding up on me but this one did not at all! Love the Grape Nehi as well. The fragrance oil I used cures out light tan but has not interfered with the purple at all. And the Maniacal Pea is just a great fresh green! I used a rate of 2 tsp PPO for all the colors. Can’t wait to get into the remaining colors!!!

Arianna Hyder
Great colors

Realize when I bought it but I had already gotten these colors in the past…. but I really love them so it was a happy surprise.

Spring Fling

I am thrilled with the Spring Fling 2022 selections. Mad Micas are super high quality and I have never been disappointed with them (except when I didn't order a big enough jar!) Every color has worked like a dream and the biodegradable star bits are the icing on the cake. Blue Tide is one of my favorite blues to use in my cold process soaps. Tangerine Dream is a fantastic orange. I have used The Maniacal Pea in countless soap designs and it never fails to disappoint with the vibrant color. Grape Nehi is a fun bright purple, and Pot O' Gold has become one of my absolute favorite yellow colors!


I saw this group and I couldn't say no. I love these collections!! It makes my life so much easier, I love that they offer these. I am so bad about remembering to order colors I don't use often and these collections make my life so much easier! The quality is always fantastic and I am so over the moon about the biodegradable stars. Highly recommend!!

Amazing collection

This is an amazing collection! The colors are great and CP soap and I love Mad Micas new glitter!