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Sparkle Plenty Fairy Duster

Our Premium Dry Glitter Pump Pre-Filled with Your Favorite Glitter

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Fairy Dusters are dry glitter pumps pre-filled with your favorite sparkles and glitters. They deliver a glorious shimmer to whatever you are working on, without the hassle and time suck of having to fill the glitter pumps yourself.

Simply swing the locking spray nozzle to the side, aim, and shoot the glitter onto your project. Very simple to use, and refillable with additional glitter. Our glitters and dry glitter pumps are great individually, but together they make it easier than ever to get your sparkle on!

This Fairy Duster contains .5 oz (14 g) of Sparkle Plenty glitter.

Customer Reviews

Based on 86 reviews

I just received my very first order from Mad Micas and let me just say to begin with, the extra mile they go to, to personalize packaging is so nice! It was so fun to open the package! I ordered Sparkle Plenty fairy duster. At first I couldn't figure out how to use it but shortly there after, my daughter had it figured out. :) It's amazing! It literally is like fairy dust!! So fine and sparkly! I can't wait to purchase more from Mad Micas! My plans to begin soaping feel very real now and I couldn't be more happy about that! Who knew a little bottle of glitter could do that! ♥♥

Love Love Love

Perfecto! Absolutely love this mica! The shimmer is AMAZING! Will definitely purchase again!❤️

Glitter that sparkles and shimmers

Viable shimmer in bath bombs AND cp soaps! If there was ever a time a questioned the shine on a bio glitter it wouldn't be this. My heart, I'm just in love with it

Perfect touch

The glitter adds the perfect touch to my soaps. So light, you'll need to be careful to get most of it on the soap... it likes to float off, but, even then, it still looks great. Magical.

Absolutely loving it

Just what I needed fo cp soap tops.