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Pre-Filled Dry Glitter Pump

Sparkle Me Gold Fairy Duster

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Fairy Dusters are dry glitter pumps pre-filled with your favorite sparkles and glitters. They deliver a glorious shimmer to whatever you are working on, without the hassle and time suck of having to fill the glitter pumps yourself.

"Amazing! I make handmade watercolors and this adds the perfect sparkle!"-- Samantha B. (verified)

Simply swing the locking spray nozzle to the side, aim, and shoot the glitter onto your project. Very simple to use, and refillable with additional glitter. Our glitters and dry glitter pumps are great individually, but together they make it easier than ever to get your sparkle on!

Recommended for:
Stable In SoapSoapCP soap stable
FDA-permitted for eye area useEyesFDA-permitted for eye area use
FDA-permitted for lip area useLipsFDA-permitted for use on lips
FDA-permitted for external use (nails)NailsFDA-permitted for external use
FDA-permitted for external useExternalFDA-permitted for external use
Beautiful in resinResinBeautiful in resin
Great for arts and craftsCraftsGreat for arts & crafts
Works in wax meltsMeltsWorks in wax melts
* Bath bombs fall under "Lips."
Sparkle Me Gold
Product Type
Sparkling synthetic mica
FDA-Permitted for External Use Yes
FDA-Permitted for Eye Area Use Yes
FDA-Permitted for General (Including Lips) Use Yes
FDA-Permitted for Bath Bombs Use Yes
Particle Size 40–200 μm
Ingredients Fluorphlogopite (12003-38-2), titanium dioxide (CI 77891), tin dioxide (CI 778161)
  • FDA-approved for use in cosmetics.
  • This Fairy Duster contains .5 oz (14g) of synthetic mica-based glitter.

Customer Reviews

Based on 52 reviews
Mai Rice
Amazing Dusting!!

I was curious how this would look and decided to give it a try for one of the soaps I was making. It turned out incredible! It gave it just the right sparkle!

Nicole Talley
Sparkle me Gold

Sparkle me Gold was a great glitter for my Body Butter Passion Glow. I wanted a variety of sparkle colors and this gave great sparkle without any colors.

Maura Hodges
Perfect for adding a sparkle

Love ease of controlling how much glitter is dispersed

Gold is lighter than the white

There's a tendency for the gold particles to settle out/on top, and remain distinct from the resin mix. You'll frequently have a surface level gold shimmer due to this.

Gorgeous Gold Flash!

I actually use this mica to top soy candles. On candles with uncolored wax, it gives the best gold peek-a-boo when you turn it in your hands. A little goes a long way and it makes for such a striking presentation! I use a feathered paint brush to dust it overtop or even to sprinkle over the surface. Love it!