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Purple Dye Powder


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This water soluble dye becomes a vibrant purple, suitable for liquid soaps, bath bombs (see FDA guidance, below) and more. This is a dye mixture of D&C Red 33 and FD&C Blue 1.

D&C Red 33 is FDA permissible for the following applications:  Generally including Lips and External Use (FDA website - "Cosmetics: lipsticks (at most 3% by wt. of finished product); and mouthwashes, dentifrices and external cosmetics" )

FD&C Blue 1 is FDA permissible for all cosmetic applications.

NOTE: D&C Red 33 will change color in pH levels over 10. If you bloom the dye and add baking soda and it changes color, do not be alarmed. Just add citric acid to bring the pH down below 10.

This dye mixture is exempt from certification because it's a mixture; because both of dyes in the mixture are from FDA certified lots, this mixture can can be used in final products and remain within FDA guidelines.

Regulations for mixtures exempt from certification in the Code of Federal Regulations Title 21 part 80.35 (b):

§80.35   Color additive mixtures; certification and exemption from certification….
(b) Color additive mixtures exempted from certification. A color additive mixture prepared from a previously certified batch of one or more straight colors, with or without any diluent that has been listed in part 73 of this chapter for use in mixtures, shall be exempt from batch certification if the straight color used has not changed in composition in any manner whatsoever since its certification and if it is simply mixed with the approved diluents for exempt mixtures. The label of such color additive mixtures shall not bear the lot number assigned by the Food and Drug Administration to the certified straight color components, but shall bear the manufacturer's control number through which the history of the straight color can be determined."


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Because every country has different regulations for use, we strongly encourage you to know the facts about color additives for your country.  Please research the legal requirements or limitations in your country for this color and its use in your product. Follow the usage rates and guidelines for each individual color. We can't recommend any particular use or recommend usage rate because of this. No legality for a particular product is implied by the sale of this dye. Use in products is at the discretion of the consumer. 

For the US, please familiarize yourself and always refer to the FDA regulations for the specific product and regulations for the end use:

Water Soluble.


Dyes may appear drab or even look like the wrong color until it is bloomed.  You must "bloom" the dye before incorporating into your medium for optimal color release.  Don't panic until you have tested a small portion in water.


Take a small amount of dye and add enough water to dissolve the dye powder. Stir or swirl to assist dissolving.  

You can use the dye in liquid form directly into your medium or you can add baking soda to the liquid dye and mix thoroughly until evenly colored.  Sodium bicarbonate (baking soda) is alkaline and can change some colors to an unexpected color.  If this happens, add a half part citric acid to your baking soda part.  This will balance the pH levels and give you an accurate color.  The most accurate test is what the dye looks like in water.


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