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Polysorbate 80

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Polysorbate 80 is an emulsifier, a wetting agent, a dispersing agent and a natural solubilizer. Polysorbate 80 is a natural emulsifier that is sourced from vegetable matter.  

It basically creates a happy, incorporated and symbiotic relationship between water-based ingredients and oil-based ingredients.   Allows oil to bind with water.

This is THE ingredient to use to incorporate COLORED MICA into your bath bombs.  Micas are all oil soluble. This means that Polysorbate 80 incorporated into your "wet" ingredients when making bath bombs will allow the micas to disperse in a water environment without leaving a film or stain in the tub (do not over-saturate or stains may be inevitable).


To use in bath bombs:

In order to get the same wonderful colors you use in your other bath and body products, add polysorbate 80 at about 2 % (of your total batch) in your liquid stage.  This should eliminate any ring around the tub or floating mica that can occur if you don't use it.  NOTE:  Color rings can be left in tubs if they are not absolutely clean before using dyes, lakes or mica, no matter how much poly 80 you may use.

Customer Reviews

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Soap Gal
Poly 80

This is the only poly I will use. I add it to every bath bomb I make.
Be sure to review the instructions here on the site and not your recipe or you will have stains in tub. Keep mica use to a minimum.


This stuff is great! I used to make bath bombs years ago and just recently started making them again. I was not aware of Polysorbate 80 until I read about it. To be honest I was a little skeptical but it really does help micas not stick to the tub. I thought it might have been my imagination but I forgot to add some into a batch and that batch left a hot mess in the sink where I tested it. I will definitely keep using in my future batches!

Beth Dahms

Does what it needs to, and love love the quality!

Molly Nelson
Poly 80

I love this so much! Everything always comes quickly and packaged so nicely. This oil helps to make sure that no colorant ever gets left on the sides of the tub when using bath bombs! It’s the only place I will get poly 80 as well as my micas

Katie Leatherwood
Wow Bath Bomb Changer

Let’s just say I didn’t do my research before starting to try to make bath bombs and then I found this and now I have the perfect bath bombs diluting in the water correctly instead of onto my skin 😂😂😂