Natural Colorant Collection

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This is a super collection of our favorite herbs,botanicals and clays used in coloring soaps!  They are all natural and beautiful in soaps and other bath and body products.

If you want to infuse the herbs into oil of your final product without exfoliation, you can follow the directions below.

This Natural Collection includes:

  1. Turmeric Powder (1.5 oz) - Results:  yellow to orange depending on how much you use.
  2. Annatto Seed Powder (1.5 oz)- Results: light to a deep, intense orange depending on how much you use.
  3. Nettle Leaf Powder (1 oz) - Results:  Varying shades of green.
  4. Alkanet Root Powder (1 oz) - Results vary depending on your soap recipe:  Color achieved can vary from grey to a muted purple.
  5. Madder Root Powder (1 oz) - Results vary depending on your soap recipe:  Pink to orange depending on how much you use.
  6. Activated Hardwood Charcoal (1 oz) -  Results vary from grey to black depending on how much you use.
  7. French Green Clay (1 oz) - Results vary from light green to a sage green.
  8. Moroccan Red Clay (1 oz) - Results vary from light brick to a deep maroon.
  9. Rose Clay (1 oz) - Results are varying shades of mauve pink.


The botanicals can be thrown into your oils right before you make a batch of soap, but there will be an exfoliation component to your soap.  Scratchy more than scrubby, which some LOVE, but if you don't want an added exfoliant in your product, you should infuse the herbs ahead of time and use the infused oils for the part of your batch you want to color.

To Infuse herbs and botanicals yourself

Put your choice of a natural colorant into an empty tea bag or cheesecloth, and seal it.  Once sealed, toss it in a large glass jar (canning jars are good) and add enough oil (olive, avocado, fractionated coconut oil, etc.) to completely cover the filled tea bag. Close the lid. Put the glass jar in a cold cooking pot and fill with tap water to about the middle of the jar height.  Turn the burner on to the lowest setting. Gently heat the water get to a mild simmer and allow to slow-stew on super low heat for 30 minutes to a few hours.  Just do not let the water evaporate.  Be careful, as the glass jar will be very hot while it is heating and also when you shut off the stove!  Please use oven mitts or leave it in the pot until everything has cooled.  Once cool, remove the jar of oil to a dark corner of your room in a cool spot for at least a week.  Once completed to the desired color, you can take your filled tea bag and throw it away or compost it!!

TIP:  Choose a fresh, long-shelf-life oil, such as olive, meadowfoam, fractionated coconut or peach kernel. This way, your infusion won't go rancid in a short time.


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