Madder Root Powder

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INCI:  Rubia tinctorum

Madder Root comes from the root of a vine grown in Asia.  It's then dried and ground up.  Rubia, the Latin name is for ruby, RED, pigment color.  Madder Root Powder is an orange powder used for hundreds of years to dye clothes and to paint with.  More recently it has been used to color soap.  You can create light pink shades or use more in order to concentrate the color and create a deep burgundy color, depending on how much you use.

The following usage rates are for cold process soapmaking and using the powder at "trace".  (This will leave speckles and have a very mild scratchiness to the soap.)

To obtain a light pinkish color we suggest:  adding 1-2 tsp per pound of oils

To obtain a medium hue we suggest:  adding 3-5 tsp per pound of oils

To obtain a medium to deep maroon/burgundy:  adding 6-8 tsp. per pound of oils

To obtain a deep burgundy:  adding 9-12 tsp. per pound of oils

You can also INFUSE Madder Root Powder in a heat seable tea bag and place in warmed oil and steep for a few days. (Which will eliminate the speckles and scratchiness)

I have read Anne Watson's experiments on her Tea Dying with Madder Root and found it very interesting.  Madder root is water soluble.  When she infused madder root in oil she got a grey looking soap, but when she made a "tea" with the madder root and strain it, added it to trace, she got a wonderful color.  Please go look here.


Check out Anne Watson's page under - Experiments with Plant-Based Colorants - Halfway down the page.

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