Mad Paint Can - Mystery Mix

$ 34.99

This super fun gem starts with a brand new reusable steel paint can (QUART SIZE) filled with gobs of product samples and all the little treats we could jam in there.  Each one will be filled with different goodies......  There's colorful fun for everyone!  

We have been known to include some extra stuff other than just products we sell:  candy, cute erasers, stickers, toys, inspiration, washi tape, pens, ....etc.  

There is at least $35 worth of stuff jammed inside each shiny beauty, AND you get to re-use the paint can for just about anything -  it is made of steel!

If you don't like surprises or if you don't like certain colors, then this mystery mix is not for you. We have loads of colors and additives to choose from, so feel free to browse.

If you like birthdays, holidays and are generally open to new colors or things, then this may be perfect for you!

Read the reviews that our customers have written.  This is one of our best sellers here!


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