Glitter Sparkle Collection - 13 sparkly gems!

$ 42.20

We know you love to sparkle!  We love fairies, glistening water, sunshine, magic, ballerina tutus, princesses, nice witches and our sparkly glitter collection!  This new collection consists of THIRTEEN Sparkly Glitters, each packed in JARS (not bags!) and weigh 1/2 ounce each (except for Sparkle Plenty which is so fluffy, only 1/4-1/3 ounce fits in the jars)! They are not offered in the shaker containers, but contain much more!


  1. Amy Winehouse Blues (blue)
  2. Emerald City Green (green)
  3. Grace Jones Electric (copper)
  4. Joan Jett Black (black)
  5. Lemony Felony (lime-yellow)
  6. Nancy Sinatra's Gold Boots (gold)
  7. Nina Simone Sparkles (multi-colored silver)
  8. Fairytale Princess- (formerly Pepto Pink - PINK!)
  9. Purple Rain (purple)
  10. Ruby Slippers (red)
  11. Sparkle Me Blue (white with blue hue)
  12. Sparkle Plenty (gravity-defying medium flake white/silver)
  13. Pineapple Assault (Yellow glitter with pink and green specks!)

There are 13 fabulous sparkly colors you can do just about anything with! For information about each glitter, please see individual glitter product pages.  Main Glitter Page here.

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