Mica w/ Lauroyl-Lysine

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Our sericite mica is surface treated with Lauroyl lysine, an amino acid derived from coconut oil. 

Lauroyl lysine treated mica makes an excellent base powder! It is used to blend with color micas to make eye shadows and other facial mineral makeup. The treated mica has a creamy, silky, cushion-like feel in comparison to untreated sericite mica, and works great. Sericite Mica is the primary ingredient in mineral makeup. It is an off-white to satin powder.

This mica has a mild to medium shimmer to it.

Improves eye shadow spread-ability onto the skin.

A cost effective filler for colored micas.

Both oil and water soluble.


1 lb size packaged in resealable bag.

Ingredients:  Mica (CI 77019)(CAS 12001-26-2), Lauroyl Lysine(CAS 52315-75-0)

MSDS for Sericite Mica treated with Lauroyl-Lysine

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