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The Complete Fairy Duster Collection

Every Fairy Duster We Carry

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Fairy Dusters are dry glitter pumps pre-filled with your favorite sparkles and glitters. They deliver a glorious shimmer to whatever you are working on, without the hassle and time suck of having to fill the glitter pumps yourself.

Simply swing the locking spray nozzle to the side, aim, and shoot the glitter onto your project. Very simple to use, and refillable with additional glitter. Our glitters and dry glitter pumps are great individually, but together they make it easier than ever to get your sparkle on!

This collection includes all 16 Fairy Dusters at a savings of 15%!

Customer Reviews

Based on 16 reviews
So Gorgeous!

I could not be happier with this set. Every single duster is unique, and adds a ton of personality to my projects. I have gone through a few colors now and eagerly await getting to try out the rest soon! Well worth every penny spent.

The complete fairy duster collection

The complete fairy duster collection arrived in perfect shape. I was so excited when I open the package and saw this ultra fine shimmering magical dust, that will add the perfect finial touch to my soap collection. At a fair price with fast delivery, I would recommend this product to any soap maker that wants to add just a little magic to their soap.

In Love 😍

I absolutely love these fairy dusters! They make applying glitter quick and easy! Plus I had so much fun shooting my brother with the blue one once I got these. 😆 He had blue glitter all over him after one pump and it wouldn't come off all day! 😂 Very happy with these. 😁

This is the best gift that I gave to my daughter.

My daughter, Jennifer, is a fabulous soap maker and having these FAIRY DUSTERS have given her soaps a final and professional touch.

Glitter Mania!

Love this set! I'm not a huge glitter person but I have had lots of fun with all the different colors. Will definitely be restocking these.