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The Complete Fairy Duster Collection

Every Fairy Duster We Carry

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Fairy Dusters are dry glitter pumps pre-filled with your favorite sparkles and glitters. They deliver a glorious shimmer to whatever you are working on, without the hassle and time suck of having to fill the glitter pumps yourself.

Simply swing the locking spray nozzle to the side, aim, and shoot the glitter onto your project. Very simple to use, and refillable with additional glitter. Our glitters and dry glitter pumps are great individually, but together they make it easier than ever to get your sparkle on!

This collection includes all 17 Fairy Dusters at a savings of 15%!

Customer Reviews

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Get the Fairy Dusters!

I love my Fairy Dusters. They add an even coating of the perfect amount of ‘extra’. They're easy to use and I no longer have accidental globs of glitter on my soap tops. If you’re undecided about whether or not to spend the money, get off the fence and get the dusters! You won’t be disappointed.

Complete Fairy Duster Collection

Hello, I was so excited to receive my order and have been using them everytime I soap, which is everyday. I have not used all of them yet, but the one's I've used are amazing. Great sparkle and I'm all about the sparkle:) So very happy with my order. I look at them and they make me smile. Crazy, I know, but it's one of the things that brings a smile to my face:)

Warm Regards,

Fairy Dusters

I wanted something to add a little pizzazz to my soaps. These fairy dusters did the trick. I am very pleased with my purchase.


The set is incredible, the pumps are perfect and so easy to control, the micas are beautiful and of great quality. I love, love them all.


The colors are amazing. The puffer works like a charm better yet its prefilled with the right type of glitter you need so no clogs! Highly recommend!