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Elephant In A Tuxedo

Black, Grey & White Collection

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Formal. Classy. Downright monochromatic!! We have created this black, grey and white collection that isn't just comprised of mica, but includes 2 pigments for your black and white creations.

Sampler colors are packaged in bags; each contains one generous teaspoon (approx. 3-4 g).

 All colors are CP Soap Stable.

Included in this collection are TEN colorants: 

  1. Black Iron Oxide
  2. Black Oyster Mica
  3. Here Comes the Bride Mica
  4. Macy Gray Mica
  5. Phyllis Diller Mica
  6. Satin Grey Pillowcase Mica
  7. Snow White Mica
  8. Steel Works Mica
  9. Titanium Dioxide Pigment
  10. Wicked Black Mica





Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Love the colors

I was excited to get these colors and was not let down. I couldn’t decide which one I wanted so I went for a combo pack. I’m glad I did because I need different shades for different projects and this really helped.

Best Collection!

I love this collection, it has the perfect selection of whites and grays! All have performed amazing in my products and mix wonderfully to create the shades I need!

Just what I needed

i bought the Elephant in Tuxedo Collection sample size to do my epoxy resin counter top pour. I needed a variety and especially needed the black oxide. I also wanted something I could use in CP soap as I knew I would not use all the colors here. I ended up using the Black Oxide, Titanium Oxide and Gray satin pillow case. (love that one the best so far! ) I added these to what came in my kit and truly enhanced the project. They a blended well in to the epoxy and worked like a charm with the other additives. Cant wait the use the rest of the colors in CP soap or another resin project.


These are so beautiful and easy to work with. It was an economical way to try out these gorgeous colors, and I’ve already started ordering larger jars.

Gorgeous shades

I haven’t gotten a chance to use the Elephant colors in my CP soaps yet, as I’m just getting started, but the colors in the sample pack are fantastic, and I cannot wait!! I will definitely update with pictures when I do!