Deep Purple Mica

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NOT soap stable for CP soap


We couldn't think of another name for this beauty because it draws the onlooker into a trance.  Do not confuse this one with our Tempest mica which is also a dark purple.  Deep Purple has far more of a bluish hue to it, with the shimmer reflecting as a rose-violet color. 

If I were to make a purple eye shadow for myself, THIS would be the one I'd choose.  It's sultry, mysterious and playful.  Deep Purple is decadent. 

 Soap Notes: 

MORPHS in cold process soap.  It was purple when we poured it, but had no color the next day....  We have not tested it it MP soap yet. 


Beautiful in eyeshadow!


MSDS for Deep Purple Mica


Safety Applications: Eyes, General. Not approved for lip products.

Ingredients: Mica (CAS 12001-26-2), Titanium Dioxide (CAS 13463-67-7), Ultramarine blue (CAS 57455-37-5), Iron Oxide (CAS 1309-37-1).

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