Blue Velvet Blue Mica

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NOT cold process soap stable.  Beautiful in eye shadow!

 This a deep, alluring, sultry blue.  First, it starts off dark shimmery blue, then the sheen is a lighter blue with purple highlights, and then the sparkle...?  That is blue and a little purple, too!!  What's pretty amazing is this:  even if you are not a blue fan, you will change your mind because this mica is THAT stunning. 

It would make a very dramatic eye shadow or nail polish.  In fact, when you make one, let us know! 

Ingredients:  Mica (12001-26-2), Iron Oxide (1309-37-1), Ultramarine Blue (57455-37-5).

Oil soluble

Safety Applications: Eyes, General. Not approved for lip products.

Soap Notes:

CP soap: Morphed in soap.  Discolored to light grey.

MP white shea butter soap base:  Discolored to light grey.

  ----- >  MP clear soap base:  worked great!!  Use 1/4-1/2 tsp per pound of soap base.

(See Photo).  Also.... Perfect for eye shadow!


To use in bath bombs or other water applications, you must use polysorbate 80 (emulsifier) at a rate of 1-2% of your total batch weight.  This should disperse the color evenly and eliminate mica from floating on the water's surface or leaving a ring of mica around the bathtub.  

Packaged in a recyclable, reusable jar for a no-mess, no-waste experience.


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