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Arrowroot Powder

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INCI: Maranta Aurundinacea

Common name:  Arrowroot starch  - GLUTEN-FREE!  ALL NATURAL

Arrowroot comes from a tuber root typically grown in South America.  Arrowroot powder is a starch that is used in the food and beauty industry alike.  It can be used as an ingredient in eye shadow bases, dusting bath powders, foundations, baby powders, etc.

It also is used to fix a scent in some perfume preparations.  Used as a thickener in body masks, facial masks, and poultices.  It has been used to replace corn starch in many formulas because of the gentle nature of arrowroot.  Arrowroot powder is light, soft and absorbent. It is used in making body powders. When applied topically, it helps dry up blemishes, rashes, or other sores or wounds.

There are so many uses for arrowroot.  It is a staple!

Packaged in resealable bags.

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