True Red Set Instructions

Mad Micas now offers only the True Red Blend, which is pre-blended . The usage rate for the True Red Blend in CP soap is 7 grams per lb. of soap BATTER. Please see the product page for this pre-blend.

We used to offer the True Red SET which included Spicy Tomato, Voodoo, and Brazen Hussy Neon. When hand mixed together as described below, they have produced a red color in both clear MP and CP soaps.

This process is not difficult, and if you follow the directions.

    Usage Rate for the 3-jar set:

    • Cold process soap: Use 3 teaspoons per pound of oil.
    • Melt and pour soap: Use 1 teaspoon per pound of soap base.


    Before beginning you must mix the reds. Take a mini whisk/spoon/craft stick and mix equal amounts of each of the three reds in your set together. While you stir, also grind the colors against the bottom and sides of your cup.  Imagine a slightly gentler version of using a mortar and pestle.

    Continue mixing until the colors are combined and look like a deep brick red color with hints of Brazen Hussy speckled in. Then add the liquid of your choice (details below).

    Clear MP Soap

    When using in MP soap, you may choose one of the following techniques (remember the usage rates (above) are important, and higher than you might expect.):

    Technique One: Blend with liquid glycerin. For each pound of soap, combine 1 tablespoon of glycerin with the mixed reds using a spoon or baby whisk. Fold it over and around, making sure you blend in the powder from the sides and bottom of the cup. 

    Technique Two: Blend with rubbing alcohol (RA): For each pound of soap, combine 2 tablespoons of RA with the mixed reds. Blend as above.

    Cold Process Soap

    Before preparing your lye mixture or oil blends, combine some of one of the oils from your recipe with the mixed reds. Double check the usage rates, above (they're important, and they're probably higher than you think) Use just enough to make the mixture fluid, but not overly diluted. Stir them together. Doing so before preparing your lye allows the oils a chance to really soak in and dissolve so the colors will blend together seamlessly.

    Before adding the color/oil blend mixture to your batter, give it a final stir.