For orders placed TODAY, please allow 5-6 BUSINESS DAYS for our staff to prepare and ship your order.

COVID-19 Update: International Shipping

As of April 2020, service disruptions to over 100 countries worldwide have been reported by international carriers.

According to the USPS, customers should expect significant delays in all international inbound and outbound mail services due to operational changes resulting from spread of COVID-19.

Factors that may cause delay: Some airlines have halted flights to Europe, Asia, Africa and certain countries in Latin America and the Caribbean, citing force majeure. Operations are subject to national government measures and restrictions that are affecting operations, processing and customer service. Delivery staff hours have been significantly reduced.

Because of these interruptions, we are only able to offer shipping via DHL to international locations outside of North America. For the time being, this does not affect shipments via USPS to Canada, though we will update this post if that changes. As soon as USPS deliveries return to normal operations we will make that option available once again. 

To help mitigate the cost difference between USPS and DHL, we have reduced the DHL shipping rate until we are able to offer USPS international shipping once again.

Please note that we have no knowledge of your locality's delivery delays and/or restrictions. Please research local conditions before purchasing as we cannot be responsible for packages that are confiscated, lost or stolen.

If there are any further changes to the USPS and/or DHL delivery options we are able to offer, we will post them here.

Thank you so much for understanding!