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3 Olive Martini Green Mica


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Sample bags contain one generous teaspoon (approx. 3-4 g).

"This is EXACTLY the olive green I was expecting. Superior quality and great colour saturation in my products." - Kyla S.

A green that brings to mind the pop of color only an olive can bring in the clear liquid of a vodka martini,  a spot of red pimento peeking through the center, stacked three high on a toothpick and leaning back onto the side of that long stem martini glass with that too-cool-for-school attitude.

General Information
3 Olive Martini (SDS/MSDS) Green Mica 
Ingredients Mica (CI 77019), titanium dioxide (CI 77891), iron oxide (CI 77492)
Solubility Disperses in oil
Particle Size 10-60 µm


FDA Permitted Cosmetic Uses
External Use Yes
Eye Area Yes
General (Including Lips) Yes
Bath Bombs Yes


Soap Notes

Stable and true to color in hot process, cold process and melt & pour soap base (however, colors in white MP soap base appear more pastel-like).

    Recommended usage rates in cold and hot process soap: 1-2 tsp. per lb of oils.

    Recommended usage rates in melt & pour soap base: 0.5 tsp per lb of soap base.

      Adjust to lighten or darken your desired hue.


      Bath Bomb Notes

      To use in bath bombs or other bath products (water applications), we recommend using polysorbate 80 at a rate of approximately 2% of your total batch weight (dry and wet ingredients) when using an oil soluble color additive. This should disperse the color evenly and eliminate mica from floating on the water's surface or leaving a ring of color around the tub.   

      Customer Reviews

      Based on 37 reviews

      I love this color. I used it in lotion bars with a small amount of buddha gold and they came out a pretty shade of pastel green that really embodied the Forest Nymph (Fragrance Buddy) fragrance I scented them with. If I had used more color, I feel the color would have been even more gorgeous.

      Beautiful green

      Perfect olive green. Color holds up well in cp soap.

      Perfect for woodsy scents!

      I love this color! Was perfect for my Christmas tree and woodsy scents!! Loved it in my cp soap

      Love, love, love it!

      This Mica is the absolute best! I used it to create embeds and salt bars and it just brought a whole lot of class to my product! Will be buying again!

      Great green

      It was just what I needed for my camo soap...