Glow Green Glow In The Dark Pigment
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Glow Green - Glow In The Dark Pigment

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This is our glow in the dark powder that glows lemon-lime GREEN when the lights go out. It adds a fun, whimsical component to your soaps.

"Love love love I love the glow!!! I love how creative I can get with this mica!! No limit to the imagination!! My favorite by far!!"
—Michelle D. (verified)

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Please see important notes on usage and weight in "additional information," below.

Glow Blue
Data Sheets: SDS
Product Type
Glow in the dark pigment
FDA-Permitted for External Use Externally applied facial makeup and nail polish; <10%; for infrequent use (e.g., Halloween).
FDA-Permitted for Eye Area Use No
FDA-Permitted for General (Including Lips) Use No
FDA-Permitted for Bath Bombs Use No
Usage Rate CP Soap Approx. 2½ tsp. per pound of oils
Usage Rate MP Soap ½–1 tsp per pound of M&P base
Ingredients Zinc sulfide (CAS 68611-70-1)

Additional Information:

  • Please expose pigment to light. This activates it and causes it to glow when the lights go out.
  • Using other colorants (including and especially titanium dioxide) will decrease the GLOW!  Any colorant will decrease the amount of light that can be absorbed by the powder. If you plan on using a mica with this pigment, please use very little, so the glowing results aren't diminished.
  • This pigment is extremely dense, and one ounce consists of approximately 4½ tsps. Because jars are filled by weight, they may be only partially filled
  • For more information, please consult provided data sheets.

Customer Reviews

Based on 82 reviews
Amanda Knabel
Glow Green

This was the first glow in the dark pigment I have used and I was pleasantly surprised! I've included pictures of my "Just One Bite" Poison Apple, Halloween Hot Process Soap bars.

Skeptical at first

I didn’t think this would actually work but , yes it actually glows!! It’s amazing!

Continuation to Fantastic

Reposting the pictures since I wasn't sure they posted.


This was my first time using this mica. I was skeptical sine the pictures in the prior reviews didn't quite convince me but I really wanted it to be great. IT IS!. Don't think about it ,Buy it! Here's my Halloween soap I just made.

Nick Almen
Beautiful Pigment!

Used in cold process soap and I'm in love! Works excellent and glows very bright.