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FD&C Yellow No. 6 Dye- FDA Batch Certified


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FDA Batch Certified Color Additive

FD&C Yellow No. 6 Dye

Certified % of total dye:  90%

Water soluble.  

pH stable from 2-11.

Form:  Powder 

Certificate with arrive with this product. This color is certified for Mad Oils, Inc (DBA Mad Micas) and is packaged at our laboratory in jars, not ziploc bags, for your convenience and to minimize waste.

Certified for use in:

Foods, Drugs & Cosmetics – in amounts consistent with current Good Manufacturing Practice. 

Safety Applications:  LIps and General Use.  Not for use near the eyes.

If this item is stored in an airtight container with extremely limited exposure to humidity, it will not expire.



Dyes may appear drab or even look like the wrong color until it is bloomed.  You must "bloom" the dye before incorporating into your medium for optimal color release.  Don't panic until you have tested a small portion in water.

A little goes a LONG WAY, so keep this in mind when using.  Use latex or nitrile gloves and protect the surfaces you are working on, as these colors are extremely concentrated and will stain clothes, counter tops and hands.

SOAP:  Stable in soap, but may bleed.  Ideal for liquid soap:  Simply blend the dye in water before adding to your liquid soap recipe.


Take a small amount of dye and add enough water to dissolve the dye powder. Stir or swirl to assist dissolving.  

You can use the dye in liquid form directly into your medium or you can add baking soda to the liquid dye and mix thoroughly until evenly colored.  Sodium bicarbonate (baking soda) is alkaline and can change some colors to an unexpected color.  If this happens, add a half part citric acid to your baking soda part.  This will balance the pH levels and give you an accurate color.  

To see the most accurate color of the dye is what the dye looks like in water.


Colorants, which are subject to batch certification regulations MUST be batch certified or they ARE NOT PERMITTED TO BE USED IN PRODUCTS INTENDED FOR SALE. If you buy dyes or aluminum lakes and you create and sell your products in the United States, those powders must be batch certified or you are breaching fda regulations. 

What is FDA Batch Certification?

Mad Oils, Inc (parent company of Mad Micas) has been repack certified.  This means that we are certified by the FDA to repack our larger quantities into smaller containers.  Every lot that comes in is sampled and sent to the FDA for testing at their lab, after which a new Lot Number is issued to us, and a certificate is sent with dye load and other lab information. We issue our batch number at that point, and the FDA Lot and our Batch are put on every jar before it is sold.


Because every country has different regulations for use, we strongly encourage you to know the facts about color additives for your country.  Please research the legal requirements or limitations in your country for this color and its use in your product. Follow the usage rates and guidelines for each individual color. We can't recommend any particular use or recommend usage rate because of this. No legality for a particular product is implied by the sale of this dye. Use in products is at the discretion of the consumer. 

For the US, please familiarize yourself and always refer to the FDA regulations for the specific product and regulations for the end use: 

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