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FD&C Blue No. 1 Aluminum Lake - FDA Batch Certified


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FDA Batch Certified Color Additive

Name of color:  FD&C Blue No. 1 Aluminum Lake

Certified % of total color:  39%

Certificate with arrive with this product. This color is certified for Mad Oils, Inc (DBA Mad Micas) and is packaged at our laboratory in jars, not ziploc bags, for your convenience and to minimize waste.


Certified for use in:

Food, Drugs & Cosmetics - in amounts consistent with current Good Manufacturing Practice.  In Drugs & Cosmetics - including those intended for use in the area of the eye. 

This color has been certified at 3.9% total dye load.  If this item is stored in an airtight container with extremely limited exposure to humidity, it will not expire.

Use latex or nitrile gloves and protect the surfaces you are working on, as these colors are very concentrated and will stain clothes, countertops and hands.

These colors will likely bleed in soap.  Lakes need to be protected from humidity.  Humidity exposure may decrease the dye load significantly, so open the jar just before use, then close container securely once you've taken what you need from the jar.  Lake will not expire or decrease dye load in this way.

When making bath bombs, bubble bars or bath salts, we recommend using polysorbate 80 in the liquid stage at 1.5 - 2% of the TOTAL batch.  This is because the aluminum lakes are oil dispersible but not oil soluble or water soluble.

Colorants, which are subject to batch certification regulations MUST be batch certified or they ARE NOT PERMITTED TO BE USED IN PRODUCTS INTENDED FOR SALE. If you buy dyes or aluminum lakes and you create and sell your products in the United States, those powders must be batch certified or you are breaching FDA regulations.  Please see blog post for important information: "FDA Regulations - What Colors Are Allowed In Bath Bombs".

Re:  FDA Batch Certification

Mad Oils, Inc (parent company of Mad Micas) has been repack certified.  This means that we are certified by the FDA to repack our larger quantities into smaller containers.  Every container is certified under the repack certification with an FDA issued Lot Number and our batch number that FDA has given to us for this batch.  Their laboratory determines the Batch Number along with the percent of dye load it contains before we sell it.


Customer Reviews

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This color was exactly what the description said it would. It works perfectly for my bath bombs. I will be ordering this again


Excellent and love the color.

Bath bomb colorants are great

Very quick shipping, well packaged. Glad to have these bath bomb colorants. I bought all available, sure wish you had a purple! I'm not having any luck blending my own purple with the red and blue.

tangled up in blue

how you move me, oh blue oh blue you are so blue.
why haven't known about you sooner, dear mad oh mad??
I will buy every dye from you ONLY.
you are the best and i have tried them all.
xxxx James

Beautiful blue water

This blue is what I've been looking for. This does not stain your tub at all!